Zombie Stormtroopers Come To Star Wars Commander In Halloween Event

Just in time for Halloween, Star Wars Commander the recently released mobile and tablet base building game, has added a new campaign event featuring the Death Troopers. For those unaware Death Troopers are basically zombie Stormtroopers. Yep, Star Wars zombies. Empire and Rebellion players have each got 25 missions to tackle involving the undead before the event ends in just over 3 days from now. Points earned from the event can be used to purchase units and supplies.

There is a plot to it, which is different from the storyline of the Death Troopers novel, but it’s fairly barebones and exists more as an excuse to assault bases than anything else.

In honesty I’ve not been a huge fan of the way Star Wars Commander has been handling its campaign events. The gameplay is entertaining enough but with just a handful of days to play through the content it’s less of a thoughtful challenge and more of a mad dash to finish in time. Still, it’s early days and I’m sure the game will be around for a while, it’ll likely evolve as time goes on. For now though if you want to check out the event then now’s the time to hop in before it vanishes like the previous two campaigns.


Author: Mia Violet

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