Why Captain Marvel Needs To Be In Avengers 2… Or Why Women Are Avengers Too

Captain Marvel has been one of my favourite super heroes for a long time. In prior years it always bugged me that she had the name Ms. Marvel and was stuck wearing a bathing suit, as that immediately reminded everyone of two things: she’s a female spin-off of a male character and she’s wearing an outfit meant to appeal to men. Despite those two facts she was actually a really well developed interesting character, so I was ecstatic when Marvel scrapped the silly titillating costume and finally upgraded her to Captain Marvel. Today a rumour started that Captain Marvel might be making an appearance in Avengers 2. This is huge, not just for fans of her but for fans of all female characters.


Captain Marvel proving you don’t have to show off cleavage to be a super hero.


Avengers was one of the biggest grossing movies of all time but take one look at the roster and you can see it’s pretty much a boys club. The only female character in the group also wears a catsuit which, let’s be honest, is an outfit synonymous with sex appeal. I will admit the character was well written and cast, Black Widow did a lot to show audiences that movie superheroes can be female and kick ass. Unfortunately though the marketing department seemed to miss out on that fact. Look at the toys released for Avengers and you’ll see plenty of Iron Man masks, Hulk hands, Captain America shields etc. but where’s the Black Widow wristbands? If you’re a young girl and you want to play at being an Avenger then sorry but you’re going to have to use your imagination or pretend to be a man. It’s absurd. Can you imagine if it was the other way around and there were only female super hero toys and no one bothered with the male characters? That’d never happen so why is it happening with female characters?


Buy the toys and be an Avenger!… As long as you want to be a boy.


The primary problem is because of super hero movies in general. No one can get enough support mustered up for Wonder Woman but Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, Punisher, Blade and hell even Ghost Rider gets two modern movies but the female characters get shunned. I refuse to believe that an audience won’t relate to a female character, that’s ridiculous. Yet Hollywood seems convinced that they shouldn’t bother with a super hero unless they’re male or surrounded by male characters.


Um… isn’t someone missing from this image, Hasbro?


If Captain Marvel is added to Avengers 2 and is given the sort of time and attention she deserves, than it could open a lot of doors. Firstly she can be marketed as a role model for girls the same way young boys are supposed to want to be Iron Man or the Hulk. That in turn also brings in more fans in general and can bring more female readers into comics, which is something that’s really needed (meanwhile that’s a topic for another day). But the bigger reason Captain Marvel needs to be in the movie is it shows everyone that you can have a ‘badass’ character that is strong while human and relatable, and oh also by the way she’s a woman, not a female character that’s strutting around trying to appeal more to the men than the women. If they can pull that off it makes it easier for other studios to do the same with other properties. A Wonder Woman solo movie would be a lot more attractive to the higher-ups if Marvel bring out Captain Marvel, it shows that the mainstream super hero audience will embrace female characters too. That can have a ripple effect changing the way super hero movies are marketed making them more relatable for everyone regardless of gender, creating more diverse products as a result.

If it all turns out that Captain Marvel isn’t going to be in the movie, then at the very least I hope enough interest can be roused from this to show that there is demand for her and more female characters in general. There is absolutely no reason to have so few female characters out there, it’s just embarrassing and blatantly neglects half the fanbase.  I want more female super heroes in my movies and I want characters that are just as important, powerful, flawed and interesting as the male characters.

Author: Mia Violet

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