Who is the REAL Protagonist of Star Wars 1313?

LucasArts are hiding something. If you go watch footage for their upcoming action game Star Wars 1313 there’s a very curious side note attached: the characters are placeholders. That guy is not the real protagonist. Which leaves the question… who is?

The game is set in between the two movie trilogies meaning there’s plenty of characters from the Star Wars mythos who could be potential protagonists. The fact that LucasArts have gone and created two placeholders to begin with (one for the player and one for a supporting character) suggests that the real identities are going to be at least somewhat interesting. If it turned out that the real hero was Salacious Crumb then I doubt they’d bother with the hassle to hide it. However if it turned out to be someone that would make a few headlines when revealed then I could understand why they’re saving the reveal for a later date. Let’s take a look at who might secretly be gearing up for 1313.

Boba Fett
Potentially the most painfully obvious candidate is Boba Fett. Last seen in the video game world when he popped up in The Force Unleashed 2 for about three minutes, Fett is a prime example of a character that would fit right into the dark underworld story of 1313. Despite losing a duel to a blind man Boba Fett is seen as the perpetual bad ass of the Star Wars world. The game could offer us a look at Fett’s young adult years as he begins his bounty hunting career.

Han Solo
Less obvious but no less interesting a choice would be Han ‘who’s-scruffy-looking?’ Solo. No stranger to the underworld Han would fit nicely into 1313. The game could serve as an origin of sorts and show us how Han got so savvy with a blaster and how he built up his criminal contacts. He’s another big name with the fans so if LucasArts dropped the bomb that we’d be playing Han Solo Begins in the form of 1313 then it’d get quite a big amount of media attention.

Lando Calrissian
Less famous but no less of a scoundrel Lando would be an interesting fit for the game. A more or less legitimate businessman in later life, Lando has been known to deal with some questionable people over the years so it’d stand to reason that he might have been involved with the sort of scum we’re apparently set to see in 1313. Remember this is the guy that made a deal with Darth Vader, his judgement for who to strike a bargain with must be pretty poor.

Dash Rendar
The first character that could elicit a ‘who?’ even from movie fans on our list is Dash Rendar. Already no stranger to video games Dash was the protagonist of Shadows of the Empire back on the N64. Another lovable rogue Dash distinguishes himself from the rest of the characters on the list by the fact that he’s much more of a blank slate. Although you might run into some continuity issues with the above characters I don’t think there’s many people who would cry blasphemy if you gently retconned his history a little to fit him into the game. Curiously Dash was seen recently in the Star Wars novel Shadow Games which was set about the same time as 1313. Are LucasArts setting the stage to re-introduce him into continuity? Hmmm…

Aurra Sing
Just because the placeholders are both male doesn’t mean the final character has to be. Aurra Sing who was famously referred to as ‘that cool woman with the gun from the podrace scene’ has been used on and off in the Star Wars books and comics for years. In fact she’s even shown up a few times in The Clone Wars TV series so it wouldn’t be too far fetched to give her a staring role. Her whereabouts during this time period are a big question mark but considering she’s acting as a bounty hunter both before and after the movies it’s not really a huge leap of logic to assume she’d have been involved in some shady goings on during 1313 too. Considering she’s already an expert by this time however rules her out as the playable protagonist since he comes across as a bit of a newbie, at least going by the dialogue we’ve heard so far. That doesn’t mean she can’t be mystery character number two though who seems to be acting as a mentor for the player.

Okay so Boba may be the most famous bounty hunter around but let’s not forget lovable lizard man Bossk. The game could show us Bossk as a young hatchling out to make his mark on the galaxy with nothing but the yellow jumpsuit on his back. We know he’s a tough character as why else would he choose not to wear shoes?

Ever wondered how in all those action games the protagonist can just shrug off a dozen bullet wounds by hiding behind a box for a few seconds? Well with IG-88 there’s no need for that suspension of belief anymore! With a droid as the main character you can get him shot to hell and back and there’s never any perplexing immersion breaking moments when he pops back up for more! With all the Star Wars games staring humans isn’t it about time we see what the galaxy looks like from behind a pair of icy cold photoreceptors? No I don’t think so either. Maybe we should stop this list before the suggestions start getting worse…

Well what if he… Okay I’m out of ideas.

Got any theories about who we might see in 1313? Comment and let me know! Alternatively follow me on Twitter where you can find me commenting about odd Star Wars related things from time to time while waiting for 1313.

Author: Mia Violet

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