Who Is Blue Marvel?

Marvel have just announced the return of Mighty Avengers. Set to launch during the Infinity crossover the new team’s members are: Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Luke Cage, Power Man, White Tiger, Falcon, Ronin, Monica Rambeau (as Spectrum) and Blue Marvel.

I noticed a couple of people on Twitter had never come across Blue Marvel, which is no surprise. The character was introduced in Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel a mini-series that brought him into the Marvel Universe. The series itself was quite good but after its publication Blue Marvel vanished almost entirely. He’s had a small number of appearances here and there but nothing significant. Joining the new Mighty Avengers is definitely the biggest exposure he’s gotten so far. In terms of powers he’s comparable to Superman or The Sentry. Meaning he’s got the usual flight, endurance, super strength etc.

So you may be wondering by now what sets Blue Marvel apart? That would be his backstory. Blue Marvel’s real name is Adam Bernard Brashear, before earning super powers he fought in the Korean War. Now unless you have a horribly poor understanding of mathematics you’ll realise that makes Adam quite old. So why wasn’t Adam around in the earlier days of the Marvel universe? That’s because President Kennedy asked him to step down. Adam’s race was never disclosed to the public during his crime fighting days. When it was revealed he was African-American there were plenty of racist members of the public who didn’t take too kindly to the idea of him having such immense power.

Blue Marvel

In the meantime Adam went and earned his PhD in Theoretical Physics, meaning he also brings some brains to the team. At the end of the mini-series Blue Marvel has returned and is back in action. It’s about time somebody actually took notice of him. Personally I’m quite looking forward to seeing how he’s used. I’d be lying though if I didn’t say I was a tad concerned about how powerful he is. I’ve got faith in Marvel though, I’m sure they can pull out some interesting stories with him.

Mighty Avengers returns in September by Al Ewing and Greg Land.


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