What’s The Difference Between Avengers Alliance iPad And The Facebook Version?

Avengers Alliance is finally on iOS in the form of Avengers Alliance Mobile, meaning we can beat the crap out of some Marvel villains on iPad and iPhone. So is this the same version available on Facebook and Playdom? The answer is a little complicated. Yes they are the same, kind of… but not really. Read on for details!


Is Avengers Alliance the same game on iPad/iPhone as it is on Facebook/Playdom?

Kind of. It’s essentially the same game but it’s been modified to work on those devices. That means the interface is a little different, but it’s basically the same core game.


Can I link my Avengers Alliance Facebook or Playdom progress to the mobile version?

No. There is no way to carry over progress to the mobile version, they don’t share progression. The closest you can get is linking your Facebook account for the sake of inviting allies.


Does Avengers Alliance Mobile have all the same content as Facebook and Playdom? Such as Spec Ops, all the chapters, heroes etc.

No. The mobile version is currently lacking a lot of content. There are no spec. ops and only up to and including chapter 5 is unlocked at this time. Also there are dramatically less heroes. That said, heroes and chapters are being added over time. So eventually the versions should match up, but right now the mobile version is inferior in terms of content.


Avengers Alliance iPad


Does Avengers Alliance Mobile have PvP?

Yes. PvP is included in the mobile version and is currently on season 2. However the reward hero for reaching Adamantium rank is different for the mobile version than it was on Facebook. Meaning it is not following the same release pattern.


Do the heroes have the same attacks on Avengers Alliance Mobile as they do on the other versions?

Yes, technically the heroes are identical in stats but they do not have all the outfits available yet. Some characters, such as Nightcrawler, only have their default outfit. Additionally there are some known bugs where heroes aren’t behaving as intended, such as Phoenix, but these are only bugs. Eventually they will all act the same.


How many heroes are available on the iOS version?

There are currently 30 playable heroes, including those that are unlocked by default. Then there are 2 more that are PvP rewards currently unpurchasble, Psylocke and Punisher. Heroes are being added at roughly 1-2 per month.


Is Avengers Alliance Mobile free?

Yes, it’s free to get the game on iPad or iPhone. However as with the other versions gold can be used to purchase currency. Gold can be obtained in game or bought with real money. Additionally it can be obtained for free through Tapjoy offers which range from downloading free games to purchasing subscriptions for various services.


Does Avengers Alliance Mobile have an Android version?

Right now there is no Android version. However there is one allegedly in development.


Is there anything else I should know before trying the iOS version?

It’s buggy. Although it’s improving with regular updates crashes in PvP are quite common, meaning they are counted as a loss against whoever you were matched against. This can understandably be very frustrating but there’s little that can be done to avoid it right now on our end.


I have a question that wasn’t answered!

No problem, fire me an e-mail at Matt[at]panelsandpixels.com and I’ll respond as quickly as possible, then toss the question on here.

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