What Was Captain America’s Vision?

Way back in Captain America Reborn, over 3 years ago now, Steve Rogers was given a vision of the future. If you’ve forgotten, or you didn’t see it at the time, here’s the sequence in question:

Steve's Vision

For one page there’s quite a few things of note here. First, there’s obviously been quite the battle as there are a few characters out of action and New York is wrecked. Then there’s somebody wielding what looks like Mjolnir, but isn’t Thor. Finally there’s the incredibly obvious strange alien, perhaps robotic, creatures.

Years later there’s not really been anything that properly reflects what we see here. The ‘not-Mjolnir’ could be a hammer seen in Fear Itself, also Bucky is clearly dead which also ties into Fear Itself. But what about the weird creatures?

The next obvious choice would be Age of Ultron, the destruction matches and although the creatures don’t quite match what we saw they could be representing the mechanical constructs Ultron built around New York.

Another alternative is the event is yet to happen. But something that counters this is the timeline from vol. 4 of Avengers:

The-Avengers_5_TimelineAt the time the timeline was fascinating to pour over. Lots of events were foreshadowed here such as Children’s Crusade, Schism and Fear Itself. But most interestingly is “Steve’s Vision” which undoubtedly refers to the vision back from Captain America Reborn. But that   allegedly takes place before “Yesturday’s X-Men” and “Ultron War” which I expect refers to All New X-Men and Age of Ultron respectively. However, Age of Ultron was originally intended to be published two years ago, and it’s only just finished. So maybe “Steve’s Vision” is overdue too?

Another theory is that they’re Martians. The only characters we’ve seen that look similar to the ones seen in the vision are the Martians that attacked during the same Avengers storyline as the timeline. While one half of the Avengers were in the future the other half were back in New York besieged by attackers from multiple different dimensions, one of those were invaders from Mars. So are the creatures actually Martian ships?

Martians Avengers

There’s definitely a similarity there between the two. The reason they look so similiar to H. G. Wells’ The War Of The Worlds aliens is because they basically are. The Martians are from the old Killraven comics in Amazing Adventures. In the comics the Martians were not actually Martians but aliens using Mars as a staging area. Interestingly Mars has come up a lot lately in Avengers comics. The latest volume of Avengers actually opens on Mars.


Coincidence? Or is this the first step towards Steve’s vision? So far what we’ve seen in Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers doesn’t really resemble the huge Martian machines, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t happen eventually.

So, what do you think? What was Steve’s vision? Have we seen it already or is it still to come? Comment or hit me up on Twitter at @PanelsAndPixels and let me know what you think.

Author: Mia Violet

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