Weekly Comic Picks (1st Week Of July)

Thinking of grabbing comics this week? Here are some issues you might want to keep an eye out for.

Deathmatch #7


Deathmatch is an incredibly entertaining book that’s very overlooked. It’s got action, mystery and compelling characters. Do yourself a favour and check it out.


Fairest #17


Part 3 of Fairest’s new storyline continues this week. Fairest has been a really interesting series so far. Avoiding the trap that Jack of Fables eventually fell into, Fairest has managed to make each issue feel interesting and relevant to the overall Fables mythos.


Satellite Sam #1


It’s a new series from Matt Fraction set in the 1950’s. C’mon, you know that sounds cool.


Dexter #1


The comic book series of Dexter begins this week. The character present in the books is quite a bit different from the one seen in the popular TV show so it’ll be interesting to see how the comic portrays him.


Avengers A.I. #1


The start of a new Avengers series! After being teased last week in Age of Ultron #10AI the series begins properly here.


Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #1


A new ongoing series about Spider-Man’s villains begins this week. The Spider-Man line of titles has been incredibly strong this year, hopefully this is just as good.



Author: Mia Violet

Mia has been blogging about comics and video games for several years from her home in merry ol’ England. She invites you to take a look around the blog before saying hello on Twitter, where she can be found tweeting about pop culture from @PanelsAndPixels

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