Surprise! I’m Transgender – An Open Letter to Friends, Followers, Acquaintances, Enemies, etc…

Hello! I don’t want to bore anyone so I’ll get right to the point: You may know me as @PanelsAndPixels, the host of the Lying Cat Cast, or maybe we met at some other point, but the bottom line is: Surprise! I’m a trans woman and I’m currently transitioning.

Over the last year or so I’ve spent a lot of time unpacking this and I’m certain this is what I want. 2015 was a lot of thinking and testing the waters, while 2016 is my transition year.

If anyone is really wanting to hear a long and fairly tedious story, you’re welcome to message me for more information about how I got to this point. But the only thing I want to ask of you is to respect my new name; I go by Mia now.

Oh and obviously I would prefer female pronouns from now on, thanks.

I’ve been neglecting my @PanelsAndPixels Twitter account this last year to focus on personal things, I basically felt like I had to retreat somewhat with everything going on. Trust me, this last year has been a total nightmare on a lot of fronts, trans stuff notwithstanding. With a lot of my thoughts now in order I’m looking forward to diving back into tweeting and blogging about pop culture.

If anyone wants to keep up with what’s going on in my life, I have a personal Twitter account I’ve been using: @OhMiaGod. I originally made it as a tiny little place just to vent, somewhere isolated and separate from my life, but it ended up snowballing over the months into what it is now. Some people have asked so I’d just like to say now that yes, you’re more than welcome to follow that account, even if you only know me from elsewhere.

The plan is to use the @PanelsAndPixels account more or less in the way I always have: to talk about nerdy stuff and tie into what I’m talking about on, so mostly comics but also video games and other nerdy goodies. Meanwhile the other account is a more general life account. I know it’s a little confusing having two Twitter accounts, trust me this wasn’t the plan, I may merge the two at some point but for now let’s see how this goes with one for personal stuff and one for nerdy chat.

Anyway, I made this a separate page on the site rather than a post as I wanted it separate from the normal post list. It’s not really about the website, it’s about me, the person behind it. But I still wanted to take the opportunity to lay things out without dancing around Twitter’s character limit.

Thanks for reading!


PS. GLAAD have a good transgender FAQ, if you’re unsure what the heck I’m on about.


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