Thoughts On Amethyst’s Cartoon Debut

The first Amethyst cartoon short aired over the weekend. Hurray! Properly reviewing the short would be kind of ludicrous considering it’s just under a minute and a half long. It’d take longer to read the review than it’d take to actually watch! Therefore instead, as a fan of the character I wanted to just give some very quick thoughts on it as a follow-up to my last blog post.

So did I like it? I thought it was great! It was funny, the animation was clean and the voices were spot on. Speaking of which that sounded like Batman himself, Kevin Conroy, voicing Dark Opal, are they setting him up to be the main villain? I hope so! Overall it seems like they’re handling it with a lot of care.


The reason I’m happy the short was so enjoyable is that I believe Amethyst has the potential to blow up in popularity. She’s a teenager who gets transported to a world full of medieval style politics and mystical creatures, who honestly doesn’t want to see more of that? Not to mention the new video game RPG slant they’ve put on it is a great fit, it should certainly appeal to the audience they’re aiming for. The good news is reactions seem very positive with a lot of people stating they’d watch a full length version. Hopefully if the whole set of shorts are as good it might drum up enough interest to get her own full length series going. Obviously DC, and comic book cartoons in general, could definitely use a female character centric series in their line-up.

If you didn’t manage to catch it on DC Nation, or if you live outside the US like me, then you won’t have much trouble finding it on the net to stream. It’s worth a look if you’ve got a moment. Alternatively if you want to see more of the character you can pick up her ongoing comic book series, Sword of Sorcery. Issue 4 comes out on the 23rd of this month.


Walter Simonson’s cover for the upcoming issue

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