Theory: Where Superior Spider-Man Is Going (And Will End)

Contains loose spoilers for Superior Spider-Man 1-16.

I’ve been thinking lately about where Superior Spider-Man will end up. We all know Doc Ock won’t be in Peter’s body forever. So what’s Dan Slott’s master plan? My theory is that it’s essentially to ruin Peter’s life, destroy his relationships and bring him back to square one.

My reasoning is tied to the fact that there’s a theme of escalation going on in Superior Spider-Man. When Ock took over he vowed to be superior, and so far that’s what he’s been. He’s more efficient, resourceful and brutal than Peter ever was.

As time has gone on his methods have been getting more and more grandiose. He now has his own base of operations, private army and even a giant mech. On top of that he has eyes over the entire city and the power to take over all communications instantly. If with great power comes great responsibility, then right now Spider-Man has an absolutely colossal amount of responsibility on his shoulders.

So how long will the public accept this one person having so much power? Reading the issues I feel as if I’m watching a house of cards getting stacked higher and higher, building to the point where it crumbles under its own weight.


The Superior Spider-Mech.

The Superior Spider-Mech.


Meanwhile, “Peter” is alienating his friends. Ock originally seemed excited at the idea of taking over Peter’s social life, but lately it’s become a burden. He’s rarely seeing his friends anymore at all, withdrawing further and further into the costume. So while Spider-Man is gaining massive exposure, Peter Parker is turning into a recluse.

This adds up to my theory that Peter and Spider-Man’s reputation is being positioned to get absolutely shredded. I think Ock will continue to increase his power over New York until the public start to turn on Spider-Man, perhaps one large definitive act pushes the public trust of him into outrage. At that point he’ll be seen as completely power mad and out of control, a real menace. Maybe the rising Green Goblin threat will require some extreme and controversial methods to deal with.

This is the point where I expect Peter to come back.


Even Peter's work colleagues have been left disappointed with his new attitude.

Even Peter’s work colleagues have been left disappointed with his new attitude.


This puts Peter in a situation where the public fear him, the authorities are out to arrest him, he has few friends left and he has no job. So he’ll be broke, lonely and hated, in other words it’s classic Spider-Man.

In that sense Superior Spider-Man will have served as a way to reboot Spider-Man back to his core essentials. The same way in which Brand New Day did, except rather than a hokey magical instant change it was through an epic storyline where we got to see the maximum potential of Spider-Man. This means there’ll be real consequences to Superior, but at the same time the stories following it can be thematically identical to what we associate with Spider-Man.

At least that’s my theory anyway, I could be completely wrong! Regardless of what happens I’ll be happy, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Superior Spider-Man so I’ve got faith that when it does go out, it’ll be with an amazing finish.

What do you think? Does my theory make sense? Or do you have a completely different one? Throw down a comment or hit me up on Twitter and let me know!

Author: Mia Violet

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