Theory: Amazing Spider-Man And Superior Will Coexist

The following article contains loose spoilers for Superior Spider-Man 1-21, plus  a giant upcoming specific spoiler. But if you follow Marvel news, you already know what I’m talking about. You’ve been warned!

The internet exploded this week with the news that Amazing Spider-Man is coming back with a brand new number 1, as part of All New Marvel NOW, just in time for the movie (hey fancy that). This of course means that longtime web-head Peter Parker, is coming back to reclaim his identity from Doctor Octopus himself, Otto Octavius.

Otto has, as I’m sure you’re aware, been running around as the Superior Spider-Man in the replacement series for Amazing Spider-Man. On the surface it sounds like Amazing will roll in as Superior ends, but I suspect the two are actually going to coexist. Here’s a list of 5 reasons why I believe it’s possible:


Because Having Spider-Men Is Nothing New

Whether it’s the Scarlet Spider, that other Scarlet Spider, or Miles Morales over in Ultimate Spider-Man, having others adopt the Spider-Man identity isn’t exactly a tremendously new idea. Until recently Scarlet Spider even presented an alternative ongoing series following a different Spider-Man, in the form of Kaine, Peter’s clone. Marvel have shown a willingness to have multiple Spider-Man books on the stands co-existing with the flagship book. Admittedly Miles is a weaker example as he’s off in the Ultimate universe, but Scarlet Spider makes a strong case for a second Spider-Man ongoing. Speaking of which, it was also canned recently, possibly opening the door for Superior to continue.


Because Superior = $$$

Superior Spider-Man is an incredibly strong selling comic. Consistently throughout the year it’s been a big seller despite all the negative backlash online. New series’ have sprung out of it too, like Superior Foes, and other series’ have altered their title to be brought closer to it, like Superior Team-Up. Canning Superior in just a few months, from a business point of view, doesn’t seem like all that sensible of a move to make. Since it already has all these readers, why end it when it could continue?



Despite some very noisy backlash, Superior has sold exceptionally well.


Because Dan Slott Is Hiding Something…

In a recent interview with CBR Dan Slott, writer of Superior and the old and upcoming Amazing series, specifically teases what is going to happen to Otto. In the interview he also touches on how it’s no secret that Otto has his fans.

‘”What’s going to happen to Otto Octavius?” is a very good question that people should be asking. What’s going to happen to him? Now that we’ve let the cat out of the bag, now that we’ve told everybody Peter Parker is coming back, what happens to Otto? I’m not saying a word!’

Elsewhere, Slott has also played coy and referenced that things aren’t quite as simple as we might think they are. However the end of Superior goes down, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be very straightforward.


Because Otto Isn’t A Villain Anymore

When we first saw Otto take over as Spider-Man, it was hard to believe that he’d be as heroic as he claimed he would. Although he’s been occasionally somewhat, erm, harsh, he’s shown himself to be a hero. He’s caught crooks, taken out super villains and even operated on a child to save their life. He’s a reformed man. This is relevant because it increases the chance that with Peter’s homecoming, the other heroes will have mercy on Otto. With the revelation of what he’s done many will probably want to blast his face off, but can they deny he’s done good work? Wasn’t Hawkeye, now a world famous Avengers, once also a crook? Okay so he wasn’t a super villain, but there are instances of other villains redeeming themselves too, the Thunderbolts usually exist purely to give former villains a chance to reform. There is definitely a history of forgiveness in the Marvel universe, and with how Otto has proven himself they just might let him off.

Failing that, maybe Peter won’t reveal the truth. If Peter returns without wiping out Otto, perhaps seeing the good that Otto has done will help him decide to keep the secret, letting Otto jet off to some other city to be their Spider-Man. That way Otto doesn’t have to face the wrath of the Avengers, but he still gets a pass.


He may have started out as a villain, but Otto has arguably made New York a safer place.

He may have started out as a villain, but Otto has arguably made New York a safer place.


Because… I Don’t Want Otto To Go

Okay I admit it, this isn’t so much a reason as it is a plea. I have really fallen in love with Superior Spider-Man. The character is fantastic, a fresh, interesting and even amusing way to handle Spider-Man. Watching him develop has been a blast and if he dies now then it’ll be one of the most tragic comic book deaths I’ll ever read. Mainly because Otto’s chances of making it back as Superior Spider-Man, and not the evil cackling Dr. Octopus, will be quite slim. But if he survives this and remains the Superior Spider-Man then he can keep kicking criminal behind for years to come.

Whatever the answer is, we’ll find out soon enough because the end of Superior is fast approaching in the form of Goblin Nation… And because y’know, the way this industry works with solicits, we know everything about 3 months in advance anyway!


Author: Mia Violet

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