The Lying Cat Cast Episode 10 – Issue 15: A Dog And A Thunderstorm

Episode ten of our Saga podcast, The Lying Cat Cast, is live!

Hosted by myself, and with @SuparRaytar and @gee4arika joining me, we talk about issue 15 of Saga. Topics include potentially racist robots, alien board games, and dejected foxes. We also manage to wander off topic a bit, just for a change. Be sure to listen to the end where Max the dog guest-stars!

Give us a listen below and be sure to check back for our next episode!


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Author: Mia Violet

Mia has been blogging about comics and video games for several years from her home in merry ol’ England. She invites you to take a look around the blog before saying hello on Twitter, where she can be found tweeting about pop culture from @PanelsAndPixels

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