Best Of 2012: Video Games

As with yesterday and comics I’ve forgone the big complicated list and just picked two games I want to highlight. These are two games that really stand out amongst every other release this year. Mass Effect 3 With the usual holiday blitz of games in Q4 (as every good publisher knows games only sell 3 months a year right?) I almost forgot that Mass Effect 3 actually came out this year. As a huge fan of the first two games I was...

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How XCOM Told A Story Without Even Trying

The mission was a total success. Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement. The objective was complete and nobody came back in a coffin but they certainly arrived home with a lot more bruises and broken bones than when they left. Diaz, the team leader was the worst off having taken a face full of alien plasma. But it was no big deal, they have the time to recover right? Wrong! Almost as soon as they get back to base the alarm sounds. The...

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