Comic Review: Superman Unchained #1

As Superman movie Man of Steel is about to hit cinemas, the most anticipated Superman comic this year arrives: Superman Unchained. This new series pairs superstars Scott Snyder and Jim Lee together to tell a new story in the New 52. Superman’s New 52 stories so far have been very hit or miss. It’s bizarre that such a high profile character doesn’t have a high quality ongoing comic to match. Does Unchained finally...

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Weekly Comic Picks (2nd Week of June ’13)

Planning on getting comics this week? Here are a few upcoming issues that you may want to keep an eye out for. Supurbia #8 Supurbia is a fantastic, and very underrated, series about a team of superheroes and their families. This week issue 8 hits, it’s not too late to jump aboard!   Star Wars #6 Brian Wood’s Star Wars series has been great so far. Intimidated by the usual Star Wars EU? No problem! There’s...

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