Star Wars Saturday – Is Star Wars 1313 Doomed?

Star Wars Saturday is my weekly blog post where I highlight the most interesting news from the galaxy far, far away… Usually anyway, this week I’m trying something a little different: an article on something that’s been on my mind lately, the fate of Star Wars 1313. Star Wars 1313 is a game that looks fantastic. It was one of the first next-gen games we ever saw, showing a highly detailed rendition of the bleak seedy...

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Who is the REAL Protagonist of Star Wars 1313?

LucasArts are hiding something. If you go watch footage for their upcoming action game Star Wars 1313 there’s a very curious side note attached: the characters are placeholders. That guy is not the real protagonist. Which leaves the question… who is? The game is set in between the two movie trilogies meaning there’s plenty of characters from the Star Wars mythos who could be potential protagonists. The fact that...

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What Star Wars 1313 could learn from Shadows of the Empire

It’s the 90’s. I’m about ten years old. The Nintendo 64 is my favourite console and Star Wars has been my favourite movie as long as I can remember. I think Shadows of the Empire is awesome, I understand why Official Nintendo Magazine only gave it an average score but I love it anyway. On a day out with my parents I see something that blows my mind: Shadows of the Empire the comic series. I’d heard of it but...

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