30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 14 – Wallpaper

It’s day 14 of the 30-day comic book challenge! Every day I cover a different comic book question, along with the other members of the IGN Assemble Facebook group. Day 14 – Current Comic Book Wallpapers Today’s question is a little different. Originally I expected this would be a very quick post, but it occurred to me while writing that there’s actually more thought to my choices than I realised. iPad I haven’t...

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Comic Review: FF #1

The company wide refresh ‘Marvel NOW’ is in full swing with a bunch of new titles on the shelves these past few weeks. One that caught my attention early on was FF. Not to be confused with the relaunched Fantastic Four series, FF is the continuation of the recent spin-off of the title that focuses on the Future Foundation. The Future Foundation was set up in Jonathan Hickman’s run a couple of years ago as a group dedicated to creating...

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