Best Of 2012: Video Games

As with yesterday and comics I’ve forgone the big complicated list and just picked two games I want to highlight. These are two games that really stand out amongst every other release this year. Mass Effect 3 With the usual holiday blitz of games in Q4 (as every good publisher knows games only sell 3 months a year right?) I almost forgot that Mass Effect 3 actually came out this year. As a huge fan of the first two games I was...

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Best Of 2012: Comics

2012 was pretty kick-ass for both comics and video games. Originally I planned a long, long list all split into categories, but with everyone else already covering that I decided just to give a nice quick list of what my two favourite comics and two favourite games were this year. Today is comics while I’ll cover games next time. Batman Creative Team: Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo 2012 was a fine year to be a Batman fan. We...

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