Comic Review: Age of Ultron #10

The final issue of the controversial crossover, Age of Ultron, is now out. The series has been incredibly hit and miss overall. After starting out with one premise the story completely changed gears half way through. Does the final issue manage to capture some of that excitement back? Not really. In my review for issue #9 I commented how the next step of the story felt like it’d be fairly obvious. I was hoping writer Brian Michael...

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Comic Review: Age of Ultron #9

Age of Ultron has been a strange series. I can’t faithfully review this title without reflecting on the perplexing fact that, despite the name, this is not a series about Ultron. As we close in on the final issues of the series things have turned quite predictable. Obviously everything will return to normal, it has to. So what remains is the question of can writer Brian Michael Bendis do it in a way that’s enjoyable? The issue opens...

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Comic Review: Spider-Men (Hardcover)

(Warning: Contains Ultimate Spider-Man spoilers!) Spider-Men marks the first time the Ultimate universe and the regular 616 Marvel universe have crossed over. The Ultimate universe was originally created to be continuity free and a nice jumping on point for new readers. Ironically it has plenty of it’s own continuity to keep track of these days but luckily Spider-Men can be enjoyed by new fans of either universes. The premise is...

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