Superman/Wonder Woman HeroClix – Starring Earth-2, The Elite and More…

It’s been a while since we had our introductory HeroClix content up, where we took a week to check out the Marvel flavoured version of the game. Specifically we looked at the game from the point of view as brand new players and comic book fans, giving an outsider’s perspective to the game and seeing if we could be converted into HeroClix fans. I’m happy to report that we really enjoyed the miniatures and the game itself, as you can read for yourself in our final impressions.

Anyway, now it’s time for a bit of a sequel, with a look at the new Superman/Wonder Woman HeroClix line.

The most obvious difference between this and what we saw last time is that this set is a DC-themed release. It focuses primarily on a cast of characters with ties to Superman or Wonder Woman, as well as characters from the rather popular Earth-2 comic book.

The kind folks at Esdevium Games sent over a booster brick for the set giving us a good look at the range of miniatures included.

Photos are included below of what each booster set contained, I think you’ll agree it’s quite a varied bunch!


Booster #1


Soldier, Lady Blaze, Wonder Woman, Batman (Earth-2), Apollo

Great to see Wonder Woman making an appearance so early! Also Earth-2 Batman? Very cool. Apollo is another stand out miniature and looks just as he does in the New 52 Wonder Woman series.


Booster #2


Green Lantern (Earth 2), Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent, Amazon, Menagerie

Another Earth-2 variant of one of DC’s big hitters, with Earth-2 Green Lantern as the first figure in another interesting pack. Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent are a pair of amusing minis whose ability cards both play up their obvious relations to Superman in both name and function. It’s little touches like that which made me warm to HeroClix so quickly last time, they’re filled with little references and nods to the comic book lore.


Booster #3


Accountable, Hermes, Superman (JSA), Sister Superior, General Lane

Another cool set here with Hermes being my personal favourite inclusion, a character who played a pivotal role in Brian Azzarello’s early Wonder Woman run. Of course the JSA version of Superman is a great mini too with that classic shirt ripping action.


Booster #4


Soldier, Menagerie, Faust, Ulysses, Hat

Okay I’ll admit it, at first I couldn’t recall at all who Hat or Menagerie were, this is where I sheepishly hand in my comic nerd card and admit I had to look them up. However at this point I was delighted to be reminded that they were part of The Elite, a team who showed up in a great little storyline called What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, & the American Way?. I’ve not read it for years now but I remember it as a story that cleverly tackled why Superman is still relevant, even with the rise of darker and more bloodthirsty heroes (who were rampant at the time of publication). Anyway, to get back on topic, Faust is another visually striking figure in this set, with a sculpt that really has him standing out. I do especially like anything that includes extra effects.


Booster #5


Investigative Reporter, Superman (JLA), Krypto, Huntress, Accountable

Krypto! Sure, Huntress is pretty awesome and the Superman figure (which borrows the same sculpt as the earlier JSA version) are worthy mentions, but c’mon folks, Krypto. He makes this set another winner all on his own.


Booster #6

SWW - 6

Power Girl, Mermaid, Superman, Steel, Newsboy Legion,

This is a particularly strong set with Power Girl and Steel for starters, but check out that great Superman sculpt. Although the front mini is the same as we saw before, the extra two in the back make up the full “up, up and away” effect of Superman taking flight. Also of note is the fun Newsboy Legion throwback, referencing an old Simon and Kirby creation from way, way back.


Booster #7

Wonder Woman, Artemis, Circe, Maxima, Coldcast

Wonder Woman, Artemis, Circe, Maxima, Coldcast

Three Wonder Woman themed minis introduce this set with the villainous Circe herself being the standout figure. Maxima is a joint-second for my favourite of this bunch, next to Coldcast who’s another member of The Elite. Wonder Woman would of course be a competitive mini too had she not been a duplicate, meaning altogether this is another very fun set.


Booster #8

Guardian, Parademon, Brutaal, H’el, Hat

Guardian, Parademon, Brutaal, H’el, Hat

Other than Hat, who we saw earlier on, this is a pretty different set than what we’ve seen so far! Guardian is the infamous not-a-Captain America-rip-off that has popped up now and again over the last 70 years and quite a surprising addition. Meanwhile the Parademon is of course one of the many expendable evil foot soliders of Darkseid. Brutaal is another Earth-2 character but this time of the villainous persuasion. H’el is one of the newest non-Earth-2 characters of everyone we’ve seen so far, turning up in the fairly recent Supergirl/Superboy crossover. Although the quality of the story was mixed, I’ve always thought H’el as a character was a solid idea and thus I’m happy to have him added to the collection.


And Finally…

Something we didn’t receive last time is one of HeroClix’s Super Boosters! Inside is one of six colossal figures for this set.

Inside we received:

War Wheel!

War Wheel!


…Okay, I’ll admit. I had no idea who or what this is. We laughed after pulling this out, because although it looks great in terms of design, and is wonderfully comic booky, we each had no idea what this thing was.  Looking it up it turns out the War Wheel is from the original Blackhawk comic set during WWII. Certainly not what I was expecting!

It’s worth mentioning this mini is huge, it looks ridiculously fun rolling into battle at over twice the height of a normal HeroClix character.



What a great set of characters! Although I’m often more of a Marvel fan than DC I have to say I like this set of figures just as much, if not more than the Marvel minis which we got from the Avengers Assemble set.

Although I laughably had forgotten about The Elite, seeing them here prompted me to give What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, & the American Way? a re-read and now I’m thinking about trying to chase down Manchester Black so I can have a full Elite team to play with. And that there perfectly sums up why, as a comic book fan, I find myself enjoying HeroClix so much; it appeals to that playfully nerdy side of me that wants to see The Elite fight the Justice League, or have Wonder Woman and her allies fight a team of mythological villains. It’s just really fun to have all these characters to pick from and have them fight it out. Not to mention with the Marvel set at hand the idea of having a Marvel vs. DC battle is irresistible in its goofiness.

Of course, beyond this and the geeky urge to have themed teams and re-create iconic comic book bouts, HeroClix is a well balanced and very fun game system. Serious players will want to build a balanced team with a more tactical mindset, but for us comic nerds this is a great gateway into the game, hooking us through high production values and an attention to detail.

All in all, the Superman/Wonder Woman HeroClix seem to be another great set of miniatures that’ll appeal to any modern DC fans.


Want to check out HeroClix for yourself? There’s a handy store locator here, to find your nearest hobby shop. Meanwhile a booster pack of HeroClix costs £10.99.


Author: Mia Violet

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