Star Wars The Clone Wars: Answers To Common Questions [UPDATED]

2016 Update: So with the success of The Force Awakens, it looks like a lot of you folks are looking to check out The Clone Wars, which is great! I originally wrote this article back in 2014, so some of the information in it was a little out of date. With that in mind, I’ve gone in and included a few edits here and there, just to bring it up to date.

Every episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars hits Netflix today. Around the net a lot of new potential fans are asking about the series. With question topics ranging from what the bonus content is, to should they even watch the show at all.

So in response I’ve put together a quick guide that should answer any basic questions you’ve got.


Is Clone Wars good?

The most basic question of all, the answer is a resounding yes. Whether you’re a huge Star Wars aficionado or you’ve not seen the movies in years, then it’s a very enjoyable piece of TV either way. That’s the short answer anyway, the long answer is a bit more complicated as you’ll see below.


What is it about?

As you’ve no doubt guessed, it’s about the Clone Wars (surprise!), which is the war fought between the Republic and the Separatists. Set between Episodes II and III, characters from the films such as Anakin and Obi-Wan play important recurring roles, while there are also lots of guest characters from other parts of Star Wars lore both big and small.

Another main character is Ashoka, created specifically for the show. She’s introduced as Anakin’s new apprentice and as the series continues so does her Jedi training. As time goes on more new characters are introduced. By the end there’s quite a large cast, with entire story-arcs taking place with only minimal appearances from the movie characters.


Is Clone Wars just for kids? 

No, despite the common misconception Clone Wars is not simply a children’s TV program.

However, it is true that the earlier episodes are more catered towards entertaining the kids. Later on some quite intense and serious themes are explored. If you watch the first set of episodes and find that you think it’s too simple, I suggest sticking with it. It does change as time goes on. If you still can’t get into it, then try skipping to season 3, as by then the show had really found its feet and established a fairly consistent tone.


How many seasons are there? 

There are 5 full seasons of Clone Wars, a movie and a single half-season. Altogether that’s 121 episodes and a movie.

The reason for the half-season is that Disney cancelled the show before production was finished on season six, so the 13 episodes that were already far along have been finished and released on Netflix as the sixth season, alternatively called The Lost Missions.

Update: There are now also two sets of unfinished story-arcs that you can watch online at The Clone Wars Legacy. They’re fully voiced but contain very rough test animation. Chronologically they represent what would have been the latter half of season 6.


Compels you to try Clone Wars, Yoda does,

Compels you to try Clone Wars, Yoda does,


Do I have to watch the Clone Wars movie?

Ideally yes, you should watch the movie to understand the TV show better. Don’t think of it as a movie, it’s basically an extended pilot episode. It introduces some of the main characters of the show and essentially sets the stage.


Is the movie good?

Yes, it’s good. It’s not as fantastic as some of the latter episodes but it’s still enjoyable. It was panned upon release, but I think it was a strange choice to bring it to the cinema in the first place. As I said, it’s not really a movie, it’s just a long episode. So adjust your expectations accordingly.


What order should I watch Clone Wars in? 

The Clone Wars was produced almost entirely out of chronological order, at least at first. Later seasons are more linear but early on things jump around quite a bit. There are plenty of lists around the internet about what order to watch in if you want to see it chronologically.

However, I want to mention that as someone who watched the series in air-date order, it’s still very enjoyable and you don’t really lose much. Many episodes stand alone and their precise positioning in the timeline is quite irrelevant.

That said, I will admit there are a couple storylines in particular that would benefit from being watched back-to-back. Whether you think it’s worth the hassle of jumping around is up to you. If you’re worried the series will be too messy in regular order you can relax, it works fine.

Update: Stupidly in the original article I didn’t make clear the answer to a very common question: Yes, the movie was released first, before season 1.


Will there be any more bonus episodes of Clone Wars?

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem so. The half season that is season 6 is likely the last we’ll see. One unfinished story is being adapted into a comic by Dark Horse. But with the licence heading to Marvel soon, it’s unlikely we’ll see any more Clone Wars comics. Instead Star Wars Rebels is the closest thing we have to a continuation.

Update: The comic in question is a potential spoiler if you’re not aware of a certain returning character, who arrives in a later season. For those curious you can follow (or mouse over) this link to see the title of the comic in question.


Anakin plays a big part in the show early on, but there are plenty of episodes that focus on other characters too.

Anakin plays a big part in the show early on, but there are plenty of episodes that focus on other characters too.


Is Star Wars Rebels a sequel?

No it’s a new show. However, it is made by mostly the same staff. So it’s a spiritual sequel, but it’s not a continuation of the story. At least it isn’t yet, it’s entirely possible it could tie in down the line. But that seems unlikely.

Update: Scratch that. Although season 1 of Star Wars Rebels was almost entirely a fresh start, season 2 has increasingly incorporated leftover plot threads from The Clone Wars. You don’t need to have seen The Clone Wars to enjoy Star Wars Rebels, but you’ll get more out of it if you have. Think of Rebels not as a sequel per se, but most certainly a spin-off.


Do the actors from the Star Wars movies voice their characters in Clone Wars?

Mostly no. Anthony Daniels does and Christopher Lee returns for the movie only, but the recurring characters are done by a new voice cast of very talented actors. Some have a history with the franchise in the past, for instance Sam Witwer, who played Starkiller in the Force Unleashed video games, voices a number of episodes later in the show’s lifespan.


Is Clone Wars related to that other Clone Wars cartoon?

No. Despite sharing the name, the CG animated series has very little in common with the original 2003 animated shorts, other than being set during the same war of course. Both are worth seeing however.


What if I want to watch Clone Wars on Blu-ray, are the extras worth it?

The extras on the first boxset are great, but they start to get a bit lighter from then on. But every set contains behind the scenes videos as well as the ‘Holocron Vault’ which is a type of interactive menu where you can look at concept art, early renders and deleted scenes. It depends entirely on how interested you are in the actual act of how it was produced.


Update: Is The Clone Wars canon to the films?

Yes, every episode of Star Wars The Clone Wars is canon, meaning it’s part of the same universe that all of the Star Wars movies take place in.


If you have any questions that weren’t covered here, just give me a shout on Twitter, or leave a comment below, and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

Author: Mia Violet

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  1. Alright there are several inconsistencies with traditional force capabilities. Namely selling them short and holding back for no reason.

    First issue. Force sensitive characters being surprised by unexpected attacks. Now you might say, well they’re unexpected. Except a lot of predicting and deflecting incoming attacks is because it is telegraphed ahead of time in the force. So especially when a non force sensitive intends to cause an issue the force user should have already picked up on that ahead of time. Enough to respond with force enhanced hyper reflexes.

    Next. Force push works very well on droids and living beings so instead of surrendering to living beings just shove them. This brings me to my next point.

    Quit surrendering to 3-5 droids as Jedi! You could emanate a force push around you in ever direction. They have no way to detect it till it hits them! Use it!

    Ships just leaving orbit. Best example is Coruscant. ANY bounty hunter who steals a ship gets to navigate planetary and space defenses! In a stolen ship. So as soon as the ship is reported stolen the authorities will be on it. Sure try to make it through Coruscants defense fleet. It’s only 1000 venator class star destroyers and their supporting craft! Another instance is when Ashoka is kidnapped by slavers on Felucia. They just fly off. First off why would either the Republic or Separatists allow any unidentified ship to land on one of the hottest contested planets in a war? They’d both ask “where’s your clearance “. Once no clearance is received have fun getting to the surface with a slow freighter through fighter screens!

    Force fields to contain a force user. Solved with a really small force push or large one to wreck the emitter. Nough said.

    40 pirates vs Skywalker, Obi-Wan Wan and Dooku = 40 dead pirates every time. Also in that episode Dooku would have stolen the ship of the smaller group earlier after slaughtering them all.

    Cad Bane. Neat character but should be dead right away. We routinely see Jedi ricochet several blaster shots almost simultaneously from multiple angles. One assailant with two blasters from one direction means Cade should have ate a mouthful of blaster bolts right away.

    The night sisters episode. Simple solution for separatists. What’s the only thing on the planet that has real value? Night sisters. Are they forever against you? Yes. Solution? Orbital strike until the planet is rendered uninhabitable. Nough said.

    I could go on and on and. There’should times when I’ve looked at my son who watches it with me and said, this isn’t Star Wars.

    It’s a decent show but if I had control over continuity I wouldn’t let a lot of this fly.

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    • Ha! You do make plenty of good points! Regarding Jedi, there is definitely a level of inconsistency when it comes to Jedi power levels in Clone Wars vs. other media. I remember having a conversation with a friend a few years ago and she explained that although she did like Clone Wars, it bugged her that the Jedi felt so de-powered, which I can understand. I think for the sake of storytelling, and creating something kids can enjoy and get behind too, they had to tweak them down to a level where they could still be threatened by fairly mundane enemies. It’s an understandable change, even if it does take some of the allure and sense of awe away from them.

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