Star Wars Saturday – Guess Who Wouldn’t Accept A Role In Star Wars?

Welcome back to Star Wars Saturday! A weekly post that recaps this week’s Star Wars news and touches on other fun little tidbits from the galaxy far, far away…

Just a quick post this week. The biggest news is of course, The Clone Wars have ended. Meanwhile, there’s a couple reasons to head on over to Dark Horse’s digital store.


Who Wouldn’t Accept A Star Wars Role?

Curious to see who would or wouldn’t accept a role in Star Wars? Total Film asked multiple actors whether they’d take a role in Star Wars or not, the answers are somewhat surprising.

Clone Wars Is Over. What’s Next?

So Clone Wars is gone. Well, kind of. We’re still going to get some ‘bonus’ materials as production ‘winds down’. The bonus material is going to be the stories that were meant to comprise the next season. But it’s not all doom and gloom, amongst the cancelation news was word that a new series is being developed. There’s no information on what it is yet but IGN made a list of what they’d like to see.

Star Wars Issue 3 Out Now

The third issue of Brian Wood’s new Star Wars comic came out last Wednesday. Normally I don’t talk about every little release that happens but this comic is well worth picking up. Can’t make it to a comic shop? You can also grab it on Dark Horse’s digital store.


Digital Star Wars 1’s On Sale

Speaking of Dark Horse’s digital store, they’ve slashed the price of all of their Star Wars issue 1’s. Check it out and see if there’s anything you’re after. It’s a good opportunity to try out some of the series’ you might have missed.

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