Star Wars Saturday – Ghost Prison Gets A Trailer, While KOTOR Gets Denied

Welcome back to Star Wars Saturday! A weekly post that recaps this week’s Star Wars news and touches on other fun little tidbits from the galaxy far, far away…

It’s the third Saturday of the second incarnation of my little weekly column. As usual there’s more Episode VII rumours this week, surprise!


Darth Vader And The Ghost Prison Gets A Trailer

Dark Horse’s recent comic book storyline staring Darth Vader got its own trailer this week. You can check it out here. As someone who very much enjoyed the series I highly recommend putting in an order for the upcoming hardcover. I hesitate to give a summary of the plot because the less you know the more likely you are to enjoy it!

Ghost Prison

Zahn To Write Three New Novels?

Timothy Zahn’s Heir To The Empire was the book that really kickstarted the Star Wars EU. He’s done a multitude of novels since but now we’re hearing a rumour from Nerdvana that Zahn is being sought to write three novels. Three new books with three new movies coming? Coincidence? Maybe! Or maybe Zahn will be writing books that tie in to each movie. That’s just pure speculation though so don’t be putting in those preorders just yet, there might not even be anything on the way at all. But it raises an interesting point, tie-in books will most certainly be produced. When the prequel trilogy hit there were a number of books that tied in to it, Zahn would be my pick to pen these new inevitable books. So here’s hoping there’s some truth here.

Abrams On Board For All Three?

The same source indicated that J.J. Abrams’ contract states that if everyone is happy with Episode VII then he’s on for the full trilogy, as well as three other movies. This is certainly possible as similar deals are usually struck with directors when sequels are a certainty.

KOTOR Movie NOT On The Way

There was a rumour last week that a movie based on Bioware’s Knights Of The Old Repbulic was being written. I found it incredibly dubious which is why I chose to not mention it. As expected, this week Drew Karpyshyn shot down the hopes of many by confirming he’s not involved at all. The original rumour stated he was writing the script himself, so although it might be on the table for the future, there’s nothing coming right now.

Question Of The Week

With Abrams possibly directing all three I’m curious if that’s something people want? Do you want the same director on all three or do you want a different person per movie to shake it up? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me a tweet @PanelsAndPixels!

Thanks for checking out Star Wars Saturday! I’ll see you next week for another roundup of the news and a new question of the week.

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