Star Wars Rebels – Thoughts On The Characters (Part 2)

Yesterday I took a quick look at some of the new characters on their way in Star Wars Rebels. Today I’m checking out the remaining three members of the Ghost’s crew, while throwing in some of my own thoughts and theories. Tomorrow part 3 will finish things off with the antagonist of the series, along with some overall thoughts.


Hera – ‘The heart of the group.’

hera LQ

Hera is the pilot of the Ghost, the ship and home base of the cast. I think it’s pretty cool we’re getting a Twi’lek as a main character but it’s not much of a surprise, they’re arguably the most popular alien race in Star Wars after all, but they’re usually sat on the sidelines.  It’s especially nice to see a female character as the hotshot pilot for a change. Star Wars traditionally leaves all the piloting to the men, so I’m really glad they’re breaking that stereotype. The EU novels branched out with some strong female pilots, Jaina Solo most famously for instance, but when it comes to the movies there is basically nobody to speak of.

I like that there seems to be an impression that she’s not a total hardass either though, saying she ‘keeps the group together.’ Presumably she has a good understanding of everyone aboard her ship and knows what to do or say to keep everyone on good terms with each other.

With her being a Twi’lek I wonder if that ties into her backstory somewhat. If she’s a former slave, or has family in slavery, that’d make for some fun storytelling and give her plenty of motivation to fight the oppressive Empire.



Sabine – ‘The Mandalorian artist’

Star Wars Rebels Sabine

As a graffiti artist Mandalorian, Sabine has to be my favourite character of the lot. I love the idea that she tags their logo on a place that the group has hit, so the Imperials know who got them. Out of the whole cast she seems the one most open about her hostility to the Empire, so I’m looking forward to seeing her taking on some Stormtroopers.

There was some controversy in The Clone Wars TV show when they tackled Mandalorians, as some fans were upset that they didn’t acknowledge other lore established in the EU. I’ve always taken a very relaxed approach to Star Wars continuity and that stuff didn’t really bother me. With her onboard there’s certainly an excuse to go back to Mandalore and see what’s changed since we last saw it, it’d be interesting to see if they’ve shaken it up from what we saw in the last series.

I also adore that arguably the most badass member of the crew is a woman. With all the controversy surrounding action TV shows and their intense desire to push male focused action figures, I love that there’s a female character kicking ass that’s going to get marketed into that line of figures and merchandise. Any young girls watching the show have a female role model that’s playing a very active role in the action. Plus she likes to blow things up, what’s cooler than that?

Having her as a very creative character too sounds pretty fun. I’m interested to see how that plays out across the series. I can’t really think of many big creative characters from Star Wars, so good to see them going in a new direction and not just rehashing something we’ve seen before.



Chopper – ‘The grumpy droid’


Chopper is obviously inspired by R2-D2, but it looks like the similarities end there. The first thing of note is that Chopper is made out of junk parts. While R2 was pristine with his white and blue, Chopper’s colour scheme is very drab. Funnily enough I think this shows the change in tone from Clone Wars pretty well. In the prequel films lots of the Galaxy is shown to be very new and clean, there’s lots of whites and extravagant looking buildings and even flashy ornaments. But lots of the original trilogy looks tired and worn down, just like Chopper. I think this is a deliberate choice to evoke a feeling of the original, to match the new timeframe of the show.

Chopper is another character I like the sound of because he defies expectations. The plucky helpful droid he is not, moody and belligerent Chopper is completely different from the type of companion droids we’re used to. It sounds like he’ll contribute to the motley crew feel that the cast has, a group of very different personalities all blended together. There’s also plenty of opportunities for humour with him which is nice, I always enjoyed that Clone Wars would freely crack some jokes now and then so although I do enjoy the serious stuff, it’s nice to see it won’t all be humourless.


And that’s all the heroes down, tomorrow is the final part where we look at the show’s villain and conclude with some closing thoughts.

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