Star Wars Rebels – Thoughts On The Characters (Part 1)

Today I’m going to take a quick look at half of the heroes for the upcoming CG TV show, Star Wars Rebels, while tossing in some of my own thoughts and theories. Check back tomorrow for part 2, where the remainder of the protagonists will be covered!


Kanan – ‘The cocky Jedi’

Star Wars Rebels Kanan

In a departure from The Clone Wars, Kanan seems to be a bit of a colder, more sarcastic Jedi than the more stoic and serious characters we met in the last series. With his old way of life destroyed, he’s basically been made an outlaw by definition of who he is; you can understand why he’d be a bit of a darker character. They’re also pushing him as a ‘cowboy’ and a gunslinger, meaning I don’t think he’ll be popping out his lightsaber at every opportunity.

It sounds like across the series he might embrace his heritage more, as at the start of the series he’s ‘put away his lightsaber.’ I could see Kanan’s journey being about embracing who he is, almost like Cade Skywalker in the Star Wars Legacy comics. The two are quite similar in that although they were raised as a Jedi, while at a young age they had that taken away from them. I’d especially love to see where Kanan was when Order 66 hit. I’d say he’s one of the most interesting members of the group in terms of where he came from and where he’s going. If Rebels lets their characters grow across the seasons, like how Ashoka did in Clone Wars, I’d love to see Kanan explore his Jedi roots more.



Ezra – ‘The little thief’

Star Wars Rebels Ezra

Ezra is the Aladdin archetype, the young kid out on his own, making ends meet by picking pockets and not exactly living by the law.

Admittedly, Ezra is the character that interests me the least. He seems a bit too constructed to appeal to kids, not that I can blame them, as this is a kid’s show first after all! But I wasn’t surprised to hear he was the first character they designed when coming up with the show. I hope he turns out to be more than the little tough orphan, as at a glance he just seems a bit too familiar. However there is one thing about him that makes him a lot more interesting: he has Force powers.

Although he can make use of the Force, Ezra  doesn’t really see his ‘powers’ that way, at least not yet anyway. Implying that perhaps Kanan, the actual Jedi on the team, will eventually become the mentor for Ezra as they enter a padawan and Jedi Knight-esque relationship. By the end of the series it’s a pretty safe bet that Ezra will be a full on Jedi.

Out of everyone in the cast, Ezra has the most potential to grow. He seems set up to be the audience’s eyes into the world. Whatever happens in Rebels over the years, they’ll probably keep Ezra at the centre of it.




Zeb – ‘The muscle’

Star Wars Rebels Zeb

There’s a deliberate clash between Zeb’s appearance and his personality, which is a nice touch. Unlike Ezra who is quite the stereotype, Zeb is said to be intelligent and articulate as well as providing the role of the group’s muscle. It looks like he’s going to work with Ezra a lot, starting out with a bit of an adversarial relationship and growing closer as time goes on. While perhaps Kanan will be Ezra’s father figure, Zeb is said to indeed be the bigger brother.

Like Ventress back in Clone Wars, Zeb is a character that’s the first of a brand new race. I’m a fan of alien characters so I’m glad they tossed another one in there. The hints that he has a deeper backstory are fairly tantalising . My guess is that we’ll have an episode where they visit his planet before too long, letting us see the new culture and architecture of his people. One of things I really liked about Clone Wars was how it’d really flesh out the culture of different aliens, so with Zeb aboard there’s already an excuse to do that with an entirely new race.


That’s all for now, check back tomorrow where the rest of the Ghost’s crew will be detailed.

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