Should Mary Jane Be Left Out Of The Amazing Spider-Man Movies?

It’s recently been announced that Amazing Spider-Man will get a total of four movies, including the first which is already out. Then this week it was announced that Mary Jane is being cut entirely from the second movie, despite her scenes already having been filmed. Rumours are now pointing towards her being recast for the third movie, but actual details are pretty slim.


Scroll down below Spider-Man for spoilers on something you probably already know...

Incoming spoilers for something you probably already know!

I’m about to step into spoiler land for something that the vast majority of people will know. It happened in the comics and it’s most likely going to happen in the movies, so it’s possibly a spoiler for Amazing Spider-man 2 or 3 too.

I’m now assuming if you’re worried you’ll be spoilt then you’ve ran away. So anyway, as you all know Gwen Stacy doesn’t stick around forever thanks to getting knocked off a bridge. This is what leads Peter to eventually fall in love with Mary Jane. But I’ve been wondering, does this have to happen? Just because in the comics Gwen dies she has to die in the movies? I quite liked the chemistry between Peter and Gwen in the first movie and it’d be a shame for that to get obliterated just to follow a storyline. Now if this was a 1:1 faithful adaptation like Game of Thrones or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo etc. I would be on board for killing her off. But it’s not. The movie has already toyed with what we know and changed it quite a lot. So there’s really no big reason to stick so closely to established continuity. Peter Parker’s story is not defined by the death of his girlfriend, it’s not something that must happen. At least in my opinion anyway.

Gwen, as portrayed by Emma Stone.

Gwen, as portrayed by Emma Stone.

On the other hand, it would make quite a dramatic scene and may be very entertaining to watch. There is also something to the argument that if she isn’t here to fulfil her role from the comic then why is she there at all? Why not make a new character? I totally understand that. Before seeing the first movie I was all for sending Gwen to the gallows, but I think they’ve got a good thing going. We’ve already seen Peter fall in love with Mary Jane on screen, do we really need to see it again?

Personally, I think they should leave Mary Jane out of Amazing Spider-Man 3. Everyone is expecting Peter to end up with her, comic and movie fans alike. So I challenge Sony to take another route. Don’t recast Mary Jane. Test Peter and Gwen’s relationship instead. Let it develop and change throughout the films. As a scientist Gwen has great story potential herself, she can be a useful ally to Spider-Man. Surely this is a better use than being just another death to feel guilty about?

What do you think? Should Gwen be killed? Or should she live on for the remaining three movies? Hit me up on Twitter at @PanelsAndPixels and let me know.

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