PSA: Star Wars Tabletop RPG ‘Edge Of The Empire’ Is Out Now!

Today is the release of the core rulebook for the brand new Star Wars tabletop RPG: Edge Of the Empire. Now I have to admit, I’m a newbie when it comes to RPGs, but I am one huge Star Wars nerd. Earlier in the year I gave the beginner version of Edge of the Empire a go, a streamlined version intended to give us a peek at it and show us the basics. After trying a few sessions I thought it was great!


Edge Of The Empire is set in the darker and seedier areas of the galaxy. Worlds ruled by Hutts or under the watchful eyes of the Empire. You’re encouraged to play as smugglers,  bounty hunters and other scoundrels. If you’ve got dreams of playing a lightsaber wielding Jedi or Sith then I’m afraid that’s not what this is for. However, this is only the first of Fantasy Flight’s three Star Wars RPG releases. Next year is a set focusing on the conflict between the Rebels and Empire. Then in 2015 there’s a release that covers force users. Each set can be played and enjoyed on its own but all are compatible and use roughly the same system.

What sets it apart from the usual RPGs is that it uses its own special dice that encourage creativity. For instance, what does it mean when your character succeeds at trying to hide from the enemy when you also generate threat from one of the “negative dice”? That’s up to your GM! Even a negative result can have degrees of positive consequences too, which creates much more interesting stories. Unfortunately the dice have to be purchased separately in a standalone pack or as part of the beginner’s set. Alternatively there’s a digital version of the dice available as an app for smart phones.

If you’re interested I highly suggest reading more over on Fantasy Flight’s website. The reason I’m taking a whole blog post just to shout out the release is that I think this is genuinely worth checking out. I’ll be writing a proper review once I’ve had time to play the system some more, but first impressions from the beginner’s game are that there’s definitely a lot of promise here.


Author: Mia Violet

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