Prophetica, Vince Twelve’s Ambitious New Indie Comic Is Now Available

Prophetica is a brand new indie comic book series from writer Vince Twelve, creator of point-and-click video game Resonance, and artist Tim Mayer, illustrator of other indie comics such as The Anywhere Man. Also on the team is Jason Wordie as colourist, whose work can be seen recently in Sleepy Hollow: Providence, and Chris Wolfgang as editor, online writer and technical editor by trade.

The series has a very admirably ambitious plan, I’ll let the creators speak in their own words about what to expect:


Prophetica is a planned miniseries of stand-alone stories which, together, will document the history of a fictional religion on a planet not so different from our own. The series will explore this world’s culture and inhabitants through the lens of this religion as it grows and changes over the course of centuries.

Each issue focuses on one prophecy from this religion’s holy text, the titular Prophetica. In the first issue, we learn of an ancient, barbaric ritual. When a young girl and a long-held secret threaten to put an end to the practice for good, will the prophecy come true and civilization end? Or has this brutal ritual been carried out over and over… for nothing?


The artwork does a great job of building up an uncomfortably alien world, yet one that still feels vaguely familiar.

The artwork does a great job of building up an uncomfortably alien world, yet one that still feels vaguely familiar.


Taking a cue from Brian K. Vaughan’s The Private Eye, the series is available for a pay-what-you-like price over on the official website. I have to admit I do love it when comic creators try things like this, as anyone that knows me will know I’m all in favour of alternative distribution models for comic books. The current direct market is very limiting and options like this help both readers and creators.

Another element of the comic that’s worth talking about is its presentation, Prophetica is presented in a widescreen format, meaning it looks fantastic on tablets and it’s gorgeous on a monitor. This isn’t a series being squashed and stretched for digital consumption, the team have built it this way on purpose and it’s better for it.

Having read the first issue I can easily give it a hearty recommendation. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s got the same alien-yet-familiar feel that series’ like Saga do so well. Odd looking animals lead a procession made up of characters utterly devoted to a cruel and strange ritual, this story begins with everything underway and it’s impossible not to be curious about what’s going on.

Meanwhile the care and attention that’s gone into the world is incredibly apparent in both the writing and the stylised artwork. The barren desert landscape looks enormous and unforgiving with harsh colours and characters who look absolutely exhausted. As the issue continues there are careful references to the history of the world, hinting at what’s to come. This is clearly just the opening chapter in a well laid plan that I’m looking forward to seeing develop.

Interested in learning more? You can find all the information you need here.


Author: Mia Violet

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