Marvel HeroClix Week! #4: Opening The Boosters

Welcome to article number four in our HeroClix week! As a re-cap you can read our introduction post here. In short: all this week we’re going to be checking out Marvel HeroClix, with a different article every week as we get further into the game.

Today we’re looking at what we pulled out from the Avengers Assemble Booster Brick. For those unaware, each booster set of HeroClix contains 5 new miniatures (and their companion cards containing their list of abilities). A Booster Brick is a set of 10 booster boxes. Myself and Loretta decided to split the boxes in half and take 5 each, meaning we’d have 25 new characters altogether.

This is going to be an image heavy post as I figured showing rather than telling would be more fitting (and fun). So without further delay, here’s who we got:

My characters:


Booster 1: Aleph, Rage, Thunderstrike, Ultra Girl and Sersi,


Booster 2:

Booster 2: Silverclaw, Starbrand (modern), Swordsman, Living Laser and Hawkeye


Booster 3:

Booster 3: Jarvis(!), Falcon, Hazmat, Scarlet Spider and a Son of the Serpent


Booster 4:

Booster 4: Triathlon, Justice, Superia, Lady Thor? Kind of… And finally, Loki.


Booster 5:

Booster 5: Moonstone, Starbrand (original), The Forgotten One, Hellcat and Mettle


So that’s mine, I have to say the one that stuck out the most is the female Thor, but no that’s not Lady Thor at all, that’s Black Widow as Thor from What If? Age of Ultron! Not only is this an incredibly cool looking miniature, it perfectly demonstrates how HeroClix really dig into the Marvel mythos to pull out interesting twists and rare characters that can be turned into unique miniatures.

Meanwhile I also loved finding Triathlon, one of my favourite characters from the late 90s Avengers run, who made a re-appearance later around Secret Invasion. He may often get overlooked, but I’ve always thought he was a pretty cool character so it was fun to see him pop up here.


Loretta’s Characters:

Booster 1:

Booster 1: Hawkeye, Hazmat, Falcon, D-Man and Sandman.


Booster 2:

Booster 2: Ms. Marvel(!), Juston Seyfert, Cammi, Echo and a Son of the Serpent.


Booster 3:

Booster 3: Reptil, Firebird, Red Skull (Uncanny Avengers), Veil and Immortus.


Booster 4:

Booster 4: Hybrid, Ultragirl, Living Lightning, Justice and a Son of the Serpent.


Booster 5:

Booster 5: Black Widow, Reptil, Turbo, Whirlwind and Scarlet Spider.

So I have to admit… I am so jealous. Not only did Loretta get Ms. Marvel and Echo, two of my favourite Marvel characters, she also got D-Man! Of course pre-Axis Red Skull stands out too but I realised I really did get more of a kick out of seeing lesser known characters, such as Cammi from Avengers Arena.

Speaking of which I had to Google who Juston Seyfert was but then I realised- he’s the kid from Sentinel! Meaning he’s another young character who has popped up again recently with Avengers Academy and Avengers Arena. It looks like this Avengers Assemble HeroClix line is a good one for fans of the young Marvel generation, like me!



There were very few duplicates altogether, which was a pleasant surprise. Opening the packs was a lot of fun and I admit to many “Oh cool! Look who it is!” moments as I stumbled across lesser-known favourites of mine like Moonstone and Hazmat.

Altogether we both really enjoyed opening up the boxes and we felt really happy with the characters we had. Even all coming from the same themed release (Avengers Assemble) there was plenty of variety. Jarvis is also an example of a really fun surprise that I never would have expected to see.

HeroClix actually contains rules for using characters who are part of the same team, indicated by the words on their card. Looking over who we’d got from the booster boxes I already started eyeing up teams which would map together, such as Initiative members, or Asgardians. Any gameplay bonuses would be a nice addition but as a big ol’ comic nerd I just honestly want to be to able to play as my favourite teams!

Tomorrow we actually sit down to play some matches with these new heroes and villains, so check back to hear how it goes!


Author: Mia Violet

Mia has been blogging about comics and video games for several years from her home in merry ol’ England. She invites you to take a look around the blog before saying hello on Twitter, where she can be found tweeting about pop culture from @PanelsAndPixels

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