Marvel HeroClix Week! #3: Avengers Assemble!…And Punch Each Other

Welcome to article number three in our HeroClix week! As a re-cap you can read our introduction post here. In short: all this week we’re going to be checking out Marvel HeroClix, with a different article every week as we get further into the game.

After getting warmed up with our initial Iron Man vs. Captain America battles, Loretta and I then got ready for team battles by tearing into the Classic Avengers Fast Forces Pack, which contains all the founding Avengers in their original costumes.


Here’s what the set looks like, sure Cap wasn’t a founding member but I agree he’s far too iconic to leave out of the set.

Here’s what the set looks like, check out that retro Iron Man armour.


We decided to play using the same map, but this time to ensure we’d read the whole rules. This took admittedly a little longer than I expected. It turns out the full rules a little heavier than the light little 2-page version we had relied on for our first few matches. However, I can’t complain, the rules did a good job of laying out a lot of little extras that made the game more interesting to play such as using objects as weapons.

One thing that initially tripped us up was the lack of explanation on character cards. The Avengers Quick-Start set had explained the meaning of moves like Charge (half your movement speed, then make a close combat attack) but these cards didn’t. It’s understandable, as this isn’t necessarily a set for absolute beginners like the other one was. However in playing the game this turned out only to be a minor quibble and by the end of our sessions we’d started to memorise what each term meant.


Thor's spinning Mjölnir demonstrates some of the fun creativity that's gone into the miniatures.

Thor’s spinning Mjölnir demonstrates some of the fun creativity that’s gone into the miniatures.


As expected playing with a team had a big effect on strategy, all of a sudden I had to think about what was the best position for each character was in terms of everyone else. Furthermore letting characters bounce off of each other in terms of strengths and weaknesses was another new element. Obviously when we were just playing Captain America vs. Iron Man, there was only one target each, now we both had to pick carefully who we wanted to focus on. Choosing whether to spread out the carnage or blitz down one of the bigger threats was an interesting conundrum.

I’m sure it’s unsurprising but something that was really fun to realise was how different all the characters were to play. For instance Hulk has no ranged damage and thus I sent him barrelling down the battlefield in true comic book style. Furthermore, and this may sound odd, he feels like Hulk. His abilities reflect his fighting style even down to the changes when he takes more damage. This led to me nerdily imagining what state Hulk must be in as Thor continued to reign down blows upon him.


Hulk Smash.

Hulk Smash.


We played a few matches with these characters altogether and both had a lot of fun. Battles were obviously longer with having more characters on the board, but we never felt like things were dragging on too long or getting dull. It was also just as fast to get going as it had been with only two characters each.

Altogether it was a great demonstration of the depth in HeroClix, seeing how different the characters were and how much it shook things up. It left us both eager to open up some booster boxes and see what other characters we’re going to get to play with…

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