Marvel HeroClix Week! #1: Introduction, What is HeroClix?

HeroClix has been around for quite a few years now. I remember visiting a comic book shop many, many years ago and seeing a tall box covered in comic book art. Learning that it contained a bunch of miniature comic book characters, a HeroClix booster box, I was pretty tempted to check it out. But alas, I was a teenager and broke, I could barely afford my comics as it was, so I decided they were for another day…

Fast forward years later to this month when the kind folks at Esdevium Games, a huge UK distributor of hobby games and other fun goodies, asked if I wanted to take a look at some Marvel HeroClix. If you’ve read the blog before you’ll know that Marvel is one of the two things I’m unreasonably obsessed with*, so of course I said yes!

So, welcome to HeroClix week! A week full of content around the Marvel line of super hero HeroClix.

As a brief summary of what HeroClix is, for those unaware, it’s a turn-based miniatures game for 2 or more players, where each player controls a small team of characters and aims to defeat the others. Characters are pulled from the player’s collection, which could include a handful of favourites or literally hundreds of unique characters, all with their own stats and abilities. Although there have been lots of spin-offs, super heroes are the main focus of the game.

This week I’ll be diving into the game with Loretta, who you may know either from the podcast or her occasional posts here on Panels And Pixels, she’ll be my partner and occasional nemesis in our exploration of HeroClix. The articles this week are mainly going to be aimed at folks like us: Marvel fans, either comic book junkies or movie aficionados, who’ve never checked out HeroClix for themselves. However if you’re a veteran of HeroClix it’s my hope that you’ll still find this week’s entertainment worth a read.


Here's a detailed example of a HeroClix piece, one of the various versions of Captain America.

Here’s a detailed example of a HeroClix piece, one of the various versions of Captain America.


All week I’m going to pop up a different article about our time with Marvel HeroClix. Today is an introduction, which you’re reading right now, then tomorrow we’re going to jump into the Avengers Quick-start Kit and let Captain America and Iron Man duke it out, Civil War style. These matches are going to be our introduction to HeroClix, the rules, the feel of the game and how it actually works. Basically we’ll give you our impressions and our gut reaction to the game from our first taste.

On Wednesday we’re going to tear into the Classic Avengers Fast Forces Pack, a set that includes all the founding Avengers members. Then, in true comic book fashion, we’re going to have them beat the hell out of each other. This will be our first go at a HeroClix battle between two teams and a better grasp at what playing the game is like. Will Thor be strong enough to take out Hulk? Will Iron Man’s classic gold armour hold up to Ant-Man’s ingenuity? Wait and see!

On Thursday we dive into the Avengers Assemble Booster Brick. This is set a booster boxes, 10 in total, split 5 each between me and Loretta. Each box contains 5 Marvel HeroClix figures from the Avengers Assemble set. That means we’ll be opening up 25 mystery characters each. Who will we find? Will we get any rare miniatures? How awesome will they look? Will we get jealous of each other’s characters? Come back Thursday to find out!

On Friday we’re going to use who we pull from the booster boxes to form teams and duke it out in a series of battles. This will be our most extensive go at the system yet, with plenty of heroes and villains to choose from, it’ll blow the doors off on what we can do with the rules. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to this part the most.


The amount of Marvel characters HeroClix covers is truly impressive, it's just the famous few who are involved. This means it leads to some very creative team combinations.

The amount of Marvel characters HeroClix covers is truly impressive, it’s not just the famous few who are involved. This means it can lead to some very creative team combinations…


Finally, on Saturday we’re going to take full stock of everything we’ve done during the week and give HeroClix a review. If you’re like us and a comic book fan who has never checked the game out, then this is when we’ll do our best to let you know what we think and whether you should dive in too.

On Sunday we’ll close things out with a more relaxed chat between the two of us, covering what we’ve liked most and any other fun bits of information we want to talk about.

So that’s the week we’ve got planned. I hope you’ll join us! As each piece of content goes up I’ll pop a link into this article. furthermore you can always catch me on Twitter where I’ll tweet out a link to each article as it goes up.

#1: Introduction, What is HeroClix? – (You are here)

#2: Avengers Quick-Start Kit, Captain America vs. Iron Man

#3: Avengers Assemble!…And Punch Each Other

#4: Opening The Boosters

#5: Loki vs. Red Skull

#6: What’s Marvel HeroClix And Is It Worth Playing? – A Quick Review

#7 – (Rescheduled due to illness!)

*The other thing I’m obsessed with is Star Wars, of course. And yes, I know there’s a Star Wars miniatures game too. No I can’t afford to check it out… yet. Stay tuned!


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