Marvel Announces Phase 3 Movies. Fans Explode With Excitement

Unless you have no interest in comic books, movies or fun things you’ve likely heard by now that Marvel have announced their phase 3 line-up of movies. As a re-cap here’s the full list:


May 6th 2016 – Captain America Serpent Society Civil War (!)

November 4th 2016 – Doctor Strange

May 5th 2017 – Guardians of the Galaxy 2

July 28th 2017 – Thor 3 Ragnarok

November 3rd 2017 – Black Panther (!!)

May 4th 2018 – Avengers Infinity War Part 1

July 6th 2018 – Captain Marvel (!!!)

November 2nd 2018 – Inhumans

May 3rd 2019 – Avengers Infinity War Part 2



So looking at that list I have a few thoughts… Wait, wait, that says Captain Marvel? As in the Captain Marvel?! The same Carol Danvers Captain Marvel that I said needed to be added to the Marvel cinematic universe two years ago? One of my absolute favourite comic book characters? Excuse me while I giggle with excitement for several minutes at how incredible this is.

Amazing news about Captain Marvel aside (look for an opinion piece soon because c’mon I can’t help myself, it’s Captain Marvel) I have to say the rest of the list is pretty fantastic. Black Panther especially. It shows that Marvel are listening to the demand from their fans. I was worried Black Panther and Captain Marvel would just forever remain on our wish lists but there they are, they’re coming.

I would have liked a bit more diversity in the list to be entirely honest but it’s hard to complain having just heard Black Panther and Captain Marvel are both coming. That said, Black Widow does look suspiciously absent. Surely that was an obvious choice? I wonder if there were any serious talks about it leading up to this, one would think so considering the hints we’ve gotten towards her past. I’d love to say maybe it’s coming after this but that would mean 2020, which is kind of insane to think about. Hopefully she’ll be in the next Captain America again, speaking of which…


Civil War was a pretty fun comic, will it translate into a pretty fun movie?

Civil War was a pretty fun comic, will it translate into a pretty fun movie?


Having Civil War be the next Captain America movie sounds like a great choice, some had speculated it would be an Avengers movie but this frees up Avengers 3 to be about the apocalyptic scenario of Thanos. And speaking of that, I’m not overly crazy about Avengers Infinity War being split into two movies but I’m sure they’ll pull it off in a suitably epic way. Will the Guardians of the Galaxy be involved in it? I’d put my money down on yes. Especially considering they’ll have had their own sequel a year beforehand, which is bound to hint towards Infinity War. This might be the movie that throws the Avengers out into space, as if Thanos does indeed have the Infinity Gauntlet then everyone is in trouble, not just Earth.

Thor 3 sounds suitably grandiose with the subtitle of Ragnarok, as in basically the end of the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the movie where Thor dies and we end up with a replacement in Avengers. But then again, with two Avengers movies a year apart someone has to die in that first part right? I’m still betting on Iron Man’s death personally.

Inhumans should be interesting, we’ve all suspected this for a while with Marvel hyping them up and downplaying the X-Men over in the comics. It also means Vin Diesel was most likely indeed teasing that he’s going to be Black Bolt recently. I’d be stunned if someone else ends up being the silent king, they already have a working relationship with him and he’s got the imposing build to nail it. With them being relative unknowns to the general public we can probably expect them to start getting hinted at in the other movies leading up to it.

I’ll have some more thoughtful articles up soon for individual movies but as a gut reaction that’s a damn impressive list. Is it a fantastic time to be a comic book fan or what?

Also remember: Captain Marvel. Seriously people. Captain. Marvel.


Author: Mia Violet

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