June Roundup – Links To All Blogs From Last Month

So June was a pretty big month for my blog. Towards the end of May I decided I wanted to try do one blog post per day for the entirety of June. So I did! Here’s a list of all the blog posts for this month nicely put into categories.

Comic Book Editorials:

A New Robin In Villain Month?

Who Is Blue Marvel?

Superman/Wonder Woman Announced – Here Are Some Thoughts

Should Mary Jane Be Left Out Of The Amazing Spider-Man Movies?

What Was Captain America’s Vision?

What Are The Three Mystery Marvel Movies?



Video Game Editorials:

What’s The Deal With Prey 2?

E3 2013 Predictions: Microsoft

E3 2013 Predictions: Sony

E3 2013 Predictions: Nintendo

Should Microsoft Scrap The Xbox One’s DRM?

E3 2013′s Comic Book Video Games

DICE On Star Wars Battlefront: “Please Give Us This Game”

SW Battlefront


TV/Movie/Other Editorials And Reviews:

How Super Hero TV Show ‘SheZow’ Is Teaching Kids A Healthier View Of Gender

Star Wars Episode VII Character Details Leaked

Movie Review: Man Of Steel


Comic Book Reviews:

Comic Review: Superior Spider-Man #11

Comic Review: Age of Ultron #9

Comic Review: Age of Ultron #10

Comic Review: Age of Ultron #10AI

Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #4

Comic Review: Superman Unchained #1

Comic Review: Adventures of Superman #2

Advance Comic Review: Liberator #1

Comic Review: Lazarus #1



Indie Comic Book Reviews:

Indie Comic Review: The Mighty Titan #1

Indie Comic Review: ZOË: OUT OF TIME #1


Weekly Comic Picks:

Weekly Comic Picks (1st Week of June ’13)

Weekly Comic Picks (2nd Week of June ’13)

Weekly Comic Picks (3rd Week of June ’13)

Weekly Comic Picks (4th Week of June ’13)



Man Of Steel G+ Hangout Chat


And that’s everything! Thanks for checking out the blog this month. Things are getting busy again for me but I’ll do my best to keep the blog updated regularly still over July and beyond. Remember to keep in touch on Twitter at @PanelsAndPixels!

Author: Mia Violet

Mia has been blogging about comics and video games for several years from her home in merry ol’ England. She invites you to take a look around the blog before saying hello on Twitter, where she can be found tweeting about pop culture from @PanelsAndPixels

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