Judge Dredd The Mega Collection. What Is It? And Is It Any Good?

Full disclosure: I have only had little experience with Judge Dredd comics in the past. Regular readers of the blog will know I’m a big Image Comics fan and I dabble in both Marvel and DC plenty too, but I’ve honestly read very little 2000AD. So if you’re looking for the perspective of a Judge Dredd die-hard fan then I’m afraid that isn’t me, but if you’re new to the franchise then I know exactly where you’re coming from.

So is the new Judge Dredd Mega Collection a good spot for beginners like me to jump aboard? From what I’ve read: yep.

Let’s cover a bit of background first. What the heck is Judge Dredd The Mega Collection? It’s a fortnightly release of hardback volumes which collect multiple Judge Dredd stories together. They also include some bonus features like sketches, cover art and even background info about the stories included.

As for price, the first issue is just £1.99 while regular issues are issue 2 is £6.99.

EDIT: As pointed out by a commenter, regular issues are actually £9.99. My bad!

The stories aren’t being collected in chronological order, instead they’re collected thematically, which might seem a little odd. I’ll admit I thought that was a strange choice, however after having read the first collection I have to say it works great in practice.

In this first release there’s a very natural flow from one story to the next, as even with a time jump between them it continues the same overall story. Though they were published years apart, it’s a surprisingly smooth experience to go from one to the next. It gives the collection a sense of closure to it too, you actually feel like you’ve just read a full story when you hit that last page.

So when can you get your hands on the first issue of Judge Dredd The Mega Collection? Right now. It’s just arrived this week here in the UK and Ireland. I have to pretty strongly recommend grabbing the first volume. For £1.99 it’s an absolute steal and has a nice hefty amount of content to it, all printed on high quality paper.

The regular price at £6.99 is honestly impressive too. I’ve had a glance at some upcoming volumes and the quality is still just as good as the opening release. The hardbacks are physically a tiny bit stumpier than your average comic book hardback but with just as much, if not more, content than you’d expect inside. It’s hard to deny it’s a pretty good deal and for someone new to the franchise this is a great way to get onboard.

EDIT: As mentioned, I fudged up the price information. But £9.99 is still pretty good. In my opinion, that’s the price it should be to feel like you’re still getting value for money. I was honestly pretty stunned at the idea that they were making a profit at £6.99 so that explains that! To put it in perspective, I would expect these to be sat in bookshops for about £15-£20.


Want some more info? You can find the official website right here.


(Impressions are based on a set of the hardback volumes supplied by the publisher)

(Article updated on 30th January to correct the pricing information)


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