Indie Comic Review: The Mighty Titan #1

If you follow comic book news, especially via social media, then you may have heard of The Mighty Titan. The series is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign by writer Joe Martino. The comic has a unique origin in that it’s inspired by Martino’s own life and cancer diagnosis. In Martino’s own words it takes his experiences and “wraps them in a superhero shell.”

The Mighty Titan Cover

The comic opens with Mark, one of the central characters, looking for a job. Through captions we’re told he’s currently unemployed, as are many in this climate which I’m sure plenty of us can relate to. Mark’s pulled from his thoughts as a large mech attacks a nearby building. Luckily before it can cause too much damage super hero Titan swoops in to help. Initially I felt like the comic had a touch of silver age influence with its fight scenes infused with larger than life dialogue and thought balloons, but later into the issue we’re introduced to some quite dark elements. Meanwhile the more relaxed moments are quite slice of life. Rather than clashing the two tones actually work quite well together as they serve to separate the different chapters of the issue.

Luca Cicchitti is the artist for this issue, identified as a newcomer in the orignal Kickstarter, Luca’s work is very strong considering it’s the start of a career. That said, there was one panel in particular where the perspective appeared unusually warped and pulled me out of the experience a little. There was a couple other very small problems where things look just a tiny bit amiss but overall it’s certainly good solid artwork. Most importantly the issue is easy to follow. The panels flow to the next seamlessly and I was never lost for what was going on.


Despite the issue’s origins, there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had from it. This isn’t simply a dark solemn story about cancer diagnosis, it serves as the foundation but there’s a fully formed world here too with heroes and villains. Perhaps the best praise I can give to The Mighty Titan #1 is that it actually feels like I was reading about a character that’s been around a while. Rather than an obvious imitation, I could quite easily imagine Titan as part of the Justice League. He’s a well designed character in appearance and in personality. The production values of the book are very impressive too. When reading self-published books there’s a certain amount of leeway that usually needs to be given to it, usually due to monetary reasons and the unrefined nature of the creative team. But with The Mighty Titan #1, between the art and the story, it confidently sits beside mainstream books being produced right now. Which is a long way of saying: as a super hero story, or a very creative look at a serious topic, The Mighty Titan is well worth checking out.

If you want to try the series for yourself then the Kickstarter for the second issue is going on right now!

You can follow writer Joe Martino on twitter @jgmcomics. While as usual you can follow me @PanelsAndPIxels.

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