How Will Superior Spider-Man’s Cover Get Blown?

Note: This article contains no spoilers for Superior Spider-Man, as I wrote the article a week after the release of Amazing Spider-Man 500… which it will spoil!

I was reading an interview with Avenging Spider-Man writer Chris Yost and it made me realise Doc Ock has a lot to do if he wants to keep his identity secret. Sure he has Peter’s memories to help him out but is he really going to be able to keep it a secret in the long run? I’ve thought up a few ways in which Doc Ock could blow it.


The Marvel universe is full of people who can read minds so you’ve got to be mighty careful when you’ve got one of the craziest secrets of all rattling around in your mind. This isn’t like trying not to think about Wolverine naked (see even that’s difficult when you’re trying not to think it), Doc Ock has to ensure that he thinks of himself as Peter. If Emma Frost walks past and finds Spider-Man referring to himself in the third person she’s likely to get more than a little suspicious.

Avenging Spider-Man cover


Doc Ock wants to be a hero and do some good. That’s great. But when Shocker breaks out of prison for the millionth time and is vibrating people to death (that’s what his gloves do right?) isn’t the sensible choice just to put a fist through his stomach? Obviously the real lovable Amazing Spider-Man would never do that but the calculating mind of Doc Ock might find murder a much better deterrent to other villains  Not to mention this would stop any future deaths from said villain if they’re gone from the picture for good.


Doc Ock isn’t exactly known for his calm composure. In Avenging Spider-Man we’ve already seen his frustrations towards Peter’s colleagues. If Doc Ock continuously snaps at his friends and family it wouldn’t take long for them to band together and wonder just what’s going on. That or he might just punch off Jamerson’s jaw.

Mary Jane

I find it a little odd that Doc Ock seems intent on pursuing a relationship with Mary Jane. I suppose if your last girlfriend was Aunt May then I guess Mary Jane would be quite appealing, but at the same time it seems a bit out of character. If he’s set on becoming a better person and a ‘superior’ Spider-Man then doesn’t sitting on a couch watching a movie with Mary Jane kind of just waste time? If Doc Ock does come around and realise that shopping with MJ is beneath him then he’s unlikely to gently break it off. The sudden change in character should surely set some alarm bells ringing which could result in a chain of events that out Doc Ock for who he is. If Mary Jane really got that insistent I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d just kill her to stop her snooping around. But then that brings us back to the whole ‘murder’ thing.



I don’t know about you but if I’d spent a lot of time as a super villian building secret lairs and just generally stealing whatever I needed then having a normal 9-5 job would bore me senseless. A bored Doc Ock may decide that he likes this whole Spider-Man thing but working? Nah, much easier to rob a bank. With New York having about one super hero per three civilians it wouldn’t take long for one of them to come knocking if Doc Ock starts stealing money rather than earning it. At that point it’d become clear Spider-Man had gone rogue and something was amiss.

Peter Parker

Let’s be honest, comic book death’s don’t last forever. Just ask Captain America, The Wasp, Hawkeye, Scott Lang, Vision, Mockingbird… you get the idea. Peter will be back, and if there’s one definitive character that knows without a doubt who Superior Spider-Man is then it’s Peter himself.

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Author: Mia Violet

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  1. Daredevil already came very close to finding him out.

    I think the fact that Ock talks like a villain from the ’20s might make people suspicious too.

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    • I think that eventually someone is bound to catch him changing like aunt may did with peter(that did happen didn’t it)

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