Fresh Romance, A Comic Book Romance Anthology Now On Kickstarter

Once upon a time, the comic book market was blossoming with romance stories. Look back before the rise of super heroes and love was most certainly in the air… at least it was among white heterosexual teenagers anyway.

But enough of history, I’m sure you’re aware that right now romance comics barely exist anymore. For a long time punching and being angry has been in, romance has been out.

Enter a new Kickstarter campaign to fill the void: Fresh Romance.

Where the classic romance comics were basically about a bunch of cis straight white people hanging out in the 50s, Fresh Romance aims to bring us diverse characters and a broad range of stories.  To quote the creators themselves:

The first issue features sundry stories ranging from a clandestine, queer high school love affair to an impeccably researched and illustrated Regency-era romance.


So who are the creators? There’s a list of incredibly talented people including, hold onto your hats, Sarah Vaughn. Yes, that Sarah Vaughn, co-creator of Alex + Ada the winner of our overall best comic of 2014 award.

Okay so gushing aside, what’s the logistics of this campaign? The campaign is to fund the first three issues of a new monthly series, which will begin in May. Each issue will have three stories and it’s entirely digital only, but you can choose the format that pleases you most, including a Comixology download code(!). There are multiple tiers of commitment, including a full year’s subscription, or you can opt for just the opening issue.

Interested? Here’s a link to the campaign.

It probably goes without saying but I am incredibly pumped for this. I would love to see a comic book market where protagonists and genres don’t fall back on the same old predictable stuff. Lately comics have really been branching out and I’m excited to see another series that is staying away from the status quo.

In short: Fresh Romance is another worthwhile attempt to show off the potential of modern comic books and I am completely onboard.


Author: Mia Violet

Mia has been blogging about comics and video games for several years from her home in merry ol’ England. She invites you to take a look around the blog before saying hello on Twitter, where she can be found tweeting about pop culture from @PanelsAndPixels

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