Forever Evil: The Good And The Bad (SPOILERS)

The final issue may have been delayed to hell and back but DC’s latest crossover event Forever Evil is finally over. So how was it overall? Join me for a very spoilery chat about some of the good and the bad below.




Last chance to flee from the spoilers!


The Bad

Rather than end on a negative note, let’s start with the bad and get that over with.



Seeing Superwoman in the early issues I was excited to see what she’d get up to. Instead it seems like she basically did nothing other than talk about being pregnant. Worse still we saw three different men pine after her. In a series that already had a painfully low amount of female characters it was disappointing to see Superwoman be reduced to basically nothing but a walking womb.

That said, she is still around at the end of the series. There’s future potential for her to do more than talk about babies. Hopefully she’ll pop up as a Justice League villain.


Inconsistant Art

David Finch is a good artist but the art overall on Forever Evil was incredibly up and down. The first issue had a couple of panels in particular that looked borderline strange. Although honestly it’s really not all bad as there was some fantastic stuff too. It’s just a shame it wasn’t all as good as the majority of it. It’s going to make future re-reads a little jarring if nothing else.


Brainless Batman

Okay maybe that’s a bit harsh, reading Batman in Forever Evil and comparing him to how he is in his own (exceptionally well written) series is a little weird. Here Batman came across completely out of his depth and didn’t seem to do a whole lot. Like would Batman really not think about restarting Dick’s heart? Would he really obliviously get pickpocketed? It was almost as if he wasn’t part of the original plan for the story but they threw him in there because y’know, Batman sells books.

I sympathise though, if he did too much it would take away from the whole point of the series. I wonder then if it would have been better if he just wasn’t in it at all.


Batman, in one of his surprisingly rare badass Forever Evil moments.

Batman, in one of his surprisingly rare badass Forever Evil moments.


The Good

Yes there was bad but overall Forever Evil is one of the strongest comic book events in quite some time. There were plenty of things worth celebrating, a few of which are mentioned below.


The Ending

It took an eternity to come out, but boy was that a good last issue. Exciting and with everything on the line, they really managed to make that final instalment feel incredibly important. The dreary rainy skies was a great backdrop to the overwhelming feeling of doom that permeated nearly every scene. Even though some things had been spoilt by the solicitations (looking at you Grayson), there was still enough left dangling to make it a very tense read.

The actual pivotal people in the final confrontation were not the typical players too, which leads me onto…


It Remained Justice League Free

To elaborate, after issue 1 I almost wanted Superman to just show up and knock Ultraman into the sun. After the event got going that was the opposite of what I wanted. The event became about the group of misfits and oddly matched characters that had to save the day themselves, and save it they did. Superman basically did nothing important for the whole event and that was fine because it gave us a different type of story to enjoy. Luthor, who is almost always the villain whenever he arrives, became a sympathetic character who really shined in a way I’ve not seen before.

It also underlined why the DC Universe needs the Justice League because the world fell into such utter chaos without them!



Although potentially slightly confusing for the future, as we already have a New 52 Owlman, Forever Evil’s Owlman was a brilliantly dark reflection of Bruce Wayne and what might have been. The fact he’s still around is exciting because there’s plenty of potential for him to pop up later. He was also one of the most fleshed out members of the Crime Syndicate with a clear motivation for coming along to this universe beyond just tagging along. The flashbacks we saw in the tie-ins, where he pulls a gun on his own parents, were amusingly bleak.



I never would have expected that I would grow so attached to Bizarro. His death was genuinely saddening. Luthor proclaiming that he can fix it and realising he ultimately cannot was a great subtle nod to earlier issues and his monologue about fearing failure.

Bizarro was clearly just a tool for Luthor at first but he grew to care for him over time. As did I.


Never forget.

Never forget.


As you can probably see glancing at the list, there was more good than bad and the bad wasn’t really even that bad. I wager Forever Evil will be remembered pretty fondly in the years to come. It should make a good read collected and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it get the animated movie treatment like Flashpoint. Overall I was really happy with it and I’m looking forward to returning to it in the future.


Author: Mia Violet

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