What is this place?

A blog primarily dedicated to covering comic books and video games. As big nerds we also cover other geeky things which grab our attention, such as particular TV shows and movies.


Who are you?

Mia created the blog and acts as the editor and an overall contributor. Loretta has recently come aboard as the new lead comic reviewer. For now it’s just the two of us, but we have some plans to expand over time.


Will you review my indie comic? Or indie video game? Colouring Book? Etc.

Yep! We love reviewing things, we regularly review indie comics in particular. That said, we’ll happily review anything else if it’s relevant to comic books, games, or just geeky culture in general. Just e-mail us at General[at]PanelsAndPixels[dot]com. We’re also happy to receive products by mail, but usually a digital file will do the trick for most things.


What’s this I hear about a podcast?

Last year we started our first podcast: The Lying Cat Cast. It’s a monthly podcast which we release alongside the newest issue of Saga. A second secret podcast is currently in the works.


What if I want to contact you to chat about writing? Or just something casual like how cool that last Sixth Gun issue was?

Go for it, we love meeting new people. You can see how to get in touch over on the contact page.



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