Fables 101: What You Need To Know To Enjoy The Wolf Among Us

I noticed a common theme when Telltale announced The Wolf Among Us, a lot of people hadn’t read Fables but were dead set on getting the game anyway. The Walking Dead was such a success for them it multiplied Telltale’s audience exponentially. So to help those who are planning to get the game, but don’t know a lick about Fables, I decided to write up a quick guide.

Here’s what you need to know to get the most from The Wolf Among Us, and some extra questions you may have about Fables in general.


What Is Fables?

Fables is the story of a community of mythical characters living in secret in New York City. Characters range from as popular as Snow White, to as little known as Cock Robin. The characters are living in exile, having been driven out of their homes by the mysterious Adversary and their ruthless army.


So The Fables Are From Another World?

Yes. In fact, they’re from many different worlds. Using gateways the Adversary gradually took over their homelands, world by world. Our world is called the mundane world, the average person is nicknamed a ‘Mundy’. The idea being that our regular boring world has no magic in it.


What’s Fabletown?

Fabletown was formed in New York to be the Fables’ new home. It makes up a small street of buildings, where the Fable community live and work.

Some are unhappy about living in Fabletown and want to attempt to re-take their original homes, but it’s generally believed that the Adversary is just too powerful to oppose.


Lesser known characters, often from the original Grimm fairy tales, become important characters in Fables.

Lesser known characters, often from the original Grimm fairy tales, become important characters in Fables.


How Long Have The Fables Been In Our World?

Fabletown was formed around the same time as New York itself. Fables are near-immortal and do not age the same way in which we do, so most are identical to the way they were on that day.


Do All Fables Live In Fabletown?

No, any Fable that’s non-human has to live up at The Farm, a rule that many are very unhappy about. The Farm is exactly what it sounds like, an actual farm that’s out of the way of the city.


What’s The Fabletown Compact?

A document that every Fable must sign before officially joining Fabletown. It absolves them of any past wrongdoings that were committed prior to joining, including crimes against any current members of Fabletown.


Is It A Family Friendly Series?

Nope! Fables is actually very brutal and quite mature. Characters die often and some stories are pretty depressing and dark. That said, there is humour to it too. But don’t be expecting an amusing light hearted story.


Despite the fairy tale characters, Fables is entirely a mature story.

Despite the fairy tale characters, Fables is entirely a mature story.


Who/What Is Bigby?

Bigby Wolf is the playable character and protagonist of Telltale’s game. As you’ve probably already guessed Bigby Wolf is in fact the Big Bad Wolf from the fairy tales. After coming to our world he’s been given a pardon for his past actions and now works as the sheriff of Fabletown. As sheriff he’s responsible for investigating any strange goings on and laying down the law.

Bigby is seen as someone to be wary of, some Fables in particular still haven’t forgiven him for his past deeds.


Where Does The Game Fit Into Continuity?

The Wolf Among Us takes place before the comic books, meaning there’s no specific events that take place later that you need to be aware of to enjoy it. Fables takes place in modern day New York, though it occasionally flashes back to earlier periods in the characters’ history.


If I Want To Read Fables, Where Do I Start?

Fables’ main series is simply titled Fables. You can start right at the beginning with Vol. 1 Legends In Exile, which contains the first story-arc. Alternatively you could buy the deluxe edition, which contains two storylines instead of one. Eventually the series’ spin-off starts, titled Jack of Fables, and later Fairest. Jack of Fables runs alongside Fables before meeting up for it in a crossover in vol. 13 of Fables.  There are also a couple of Cinderella mini-series’, stand alone graphic novels like Werewolves of the Heartland and even a prose novel called Peter And Max. But to get the full story all you really need to read is regular Fables. Even the crossover is very much a conclusion of Jack of Fables’ plotlines and doesn’t affect the main Fables series very much. As a suggestion I would read the first few volumes of Fables to get a feel for the series before branching out.

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