Eaglemoss Have A New Online Shop, Full of Comic Book Goodies

Eaglemoss have put out some pretty cool comic book related stuff over the last few years. They’ve had the Marvel Chess pieces and even the Batman Automobilia series showcasing Batman’s cars. Judging by how many people still check out my review of the first Marvel Chess release, you guys think their releases are pretty cool too!

So with that in mind, I’m delighted to inform you that Eaglemoss have just launched a new online store.

Generously Eaglemoss sent over a couple copies of some of the releases I’ve not had my hands on before, including the Special Edition Fact File figurines, so I could have a look and pass on my thoughts.

Most notable is the Hulk figure, which is a little pricier in the shop than the other Marvel Fact File figurines. However having gotten my hands on it, I can see why. It’s surprisingly hefty and very detailed. I’ve got it sat on my bookcase right now as I type this and it looks pretty great to be honest.

To put it in perspective for the collectors, with the exception of Hulk, they’re lighter on detail than the painfully expensive statues you’ll find in comic book shops, but they stand around the same height as your average action figure and they’re rock solid. Comparing them to the Marvel action figures I’ve got around they look a lot nicer on display. You sacrifice the articulation of course, but they’re already posed and with how solid they are, you don’t have to worry about them falling over at least (I’m looking at you Marvel Legends Spider-Woman). If you’re after some affordable Marvel statues to put on display then you can’t go wrong with Eaglemoss’ figurines.

Another notable item is the set of alternate kings for the Marvel Chess series, namely Thanos and Starlord. I’m going to let you in on a secret, I’m not much of a chess player, but I frigging love these pieces. With the stands they make great display pieces and its great to see Guardians of the Galaxy getting some love.

The online shop also lets you buy back issues, not just the newest stuff, so if you missed one of the particularly great Chess releases (cough Captain Marvel) or your Fact File collection is missing a certain issue, then you can grab it directly from them. I know some people have been struggling to find certain pieces so this must be music to their ears!

Okay so you’ve heard me gush about some swag I got, but you’re wondering where your cut is. Well it’s not just me that gets to reap the benefits of Eaglemoss’ goodies, to celebrate the launch they also passed me a discount code that’ll give you 15% off.

The code is: WELCOME15MJ

That’s 15% off anything in the shop. Marvel Chess pieces, Doctor Who figures, James Bond cars, anything that’s up there in the shop this code will work on. They also ship internationally so it’s not just UK readers that can use this, but anybody.



Author: Mia Violet

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