E3 2013 Predictions: Sony

Every year before E3 I like to have fun trying to predict what we’ll see. Throughout today I’m going to post a blog for each company expanding on what I’m expecting. I’ve already covered Microsoft, here’s my thoughts on what Sony will show for their Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

The Console

Well if there’s one thing you can bet on it’s that we’ll actually see what the console looks like! The main question people were asking after the announcement was just what the hell is the Playstation 4? Well tomorrow we’ll find out. Spoilers: It’s a black box.

PS4 Controller


The Last Of Us

Sony will have the eyes of thousands on their conference. If they don’t take this opportunity to give a nod towards upcoming hit The Last Of Us then I’ll be shocked. While they’re at it they might take the opportunity to talk about some upcoming DLC, but that’s more of a longshot.

The Last Of Us



We already know this generation Sony are dedicated to making it easy for indie developers to publish on their platform. Between the Playstation 4’s announcement and now I’m expecting them to have talked to quite a few indie companies, therefore we could see the fruits of that effort at E3 with some new announcements.

The Witness



Bungie’s Destiny is shaping up to be something special. Sony have already stated that the Playstation 4 will have exclusive DLC so I’m expecting another showing. Either a trailer or a developer walkthrough, I’m betting in some way they’ll have a special segment for Destiny.



A Jab At Microsoft!

Sony’s indicated that when it comes to fan outrage over the ‘always online’ feature of Xbox One, they’re listening. Throughout Sony’s whole announcement event they implied that they understood they made a mistake last generation. They got arrogant and didn’t listen to what people wanted. This time with a dedication to get it right I’m expecting a subtle dig at Microsoft by pointing out their console doesn’t have any restrictions that the competition has.

Xbox One Console


A Vita Price Drop

The Playstation Vita hasn’t been selling too well lately. As we all know nothing gets hardware moving like shaving a slice of the price off. With everyone sat waiting for the Playstation 4 and likely little else coming out for the PS3 this would be a good time to drop the price.



The Last Guardian

Ridiculously, The Last Guardian has practically spent an entire generation in development. Despite this the game is not canned. With the Playstation 4 on the horizon now would be the time to reveal an overhauled version of the game, ready to launch on the new console.

The Last Guardian



Final Fantasy

Many signs point towards a new Final Fantasy being announced this week. A more interesting question is will it be brand new or will it be a re-worked version of Versus XIII? Considering how much effort must have gone into Versus XIII by now I’m thinking we might be looking at a remixed Versus, probably with a snazzy new name.

FF Versus XIII



What do you think we’ll see? Do you agree or disagree? Hit me up on Twitter at @PanelsAndPixels and let me know!

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