E3 2013 Predictions: Microsoft

Every year before E3 I like to have fun trying to predict what we’ll see. Throughout today I’m going to post a blog for each company expanding on what I’m expecting. Firstly, here’s my thoughts on what Microsoft will show for their Xbox One.

Mirror’s Edge 2

This one is a little obvious. If you’ve been following the news you’ll know that Mirror’s Edge 2 has been heavily rumoured to be on the way. I still adore the original Mirror’s Edge, it was woefully ignored by many which dashed my hopes of a follow-up. I hope we’re finally about to see one arrive. Every hint we’ve had so far has pointed towards it being an Xbox One exclusive.

Mirror's Edge


Halo 5

Although technically unannounced it’s been mentioned that Halo 4 was part 1 of a new 3 part story. If they don’t use E3 to announce a new Halo then they’re really missing out on an opportunity. I’d say this is likely but not dead certain, it’s possible they’ll save this for next year depending on how far along the game is in development.

Halo 4



Microsoft took a lot of flak for focusing so much on TV last time so I expect them to avoid the topic this time around. I say ‘no TV’ but I actually suspect they’ll touch on it very slightly before moving on.

Xbox One TV


A ‘Hardcore’ Kinect Game

Microsoft have mentioned we’re getting a new Kinect sensor that is more powerful than last time. They know fully that the E3 audience will not be wild on Kinect so they need something to impress people. I suspect we’ll see something brand new or maybe even Ryse which was announced way back in 2011.



Call of Duty

Another obvious one. Considering the emphasis they put on the new Call of Duty game previously they’ll likely show off a new trailer at the least. Alternatively I wouldn’t be surprised to see a developer walkthrough. Fingers crossed for more Call of Duty Dog.

Call of Duty Dog


Fallout 4

This is a bit more of a longshot. I think Fallout 4 being announced is a safe bet but I’m going to say that’s it’s either coming to Xbox One first or it’s only coming to Xbox One (and PC obviously). Microsoft seem to have a better relationship with Bethesda than Sony do, so I imagine that’ll continue into the next generation. Grabbing Fallout 4 would be a big win for them.



Fable 4

Another heavily rumoured game is Fable 4. What will the franchise be like without Molyneux around? Better? Worse? Either way it can’t be more disappointing than Fable 3 was.

Fable 2


A New Banjo-Kazooie

Microsoft have teased that Rare will be announcing something that wil please fans. I think Banjo is the most likely reveal. My thinking being that Banjo has already appeared on the 360 before and was recently seen again in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Some people are betting Killer Instinct and while I think it’s possible I’m not putting any money on it. There’s also Perfect Dark but I think with Call of Duty and Halo they have no need to push another shooter.



What do you think we’ll see? Do you agree or disagree? Hit me up on Twitter at @PanelsAndPixels and let me know!

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