Disney Infinity 3.0 Announced. Yep, It’s Star Wars (And Ultron!)

Surprise! Or not, because it was leaked twice already but hey, now it’s official. Disney Infinity 3.0, the third game in the franchise about collecting toys and sending them into the game world, will be all about Star Wars. Or at least it’ll begin with Star Wars, thanks to a reveal on Game Informer (who’ll have more content all this month) we’ve learnt that there’s also new Marvel content and new Disney content coming when the game hits this fall.

Here are some quick facts:

The starter set for 3.0 stars Anakin and Ashoka. It’s (obviously) based on The Clone Wars.

There’s a separate set for the original Star Wars trilogy, which covers Tatooine, Hoth and other iconic locations.

There’s a Force Awakens set coming down the line(!)

Star Wars characters are apparently all compatible across different playsets- if true this would be different from the Marvel figures in 2.0, which had some restrictions about crossovers.

Space battles, ‘nuff said.

There’s a new Marvel set which seems based on Age of Ultron, it includes playable Hulkbuster Iron Man figure.

Pixar’s Inside Out will get its own set too.

Toybox mode, the slice of the game where you can create and share levels, will let you use characters from the previous games.

Driving has been overhauled, which is a relief as it was one of the weakest aspects of the game, and combat is seeing an upgrade too.

There’s a new “farming” mode. Yeah, I don’t know either.

It’s a cross-generation game, meaning it’s coming out for (deep breath) Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Wii U, Android and iOS.



With an Age of Ultron set coming (or at least an untitled set containing elements from Age of Ultron) the developers are in an interesting situation, Hulkbuster Iron Man is obviously an attempt to re-package an already released character with 3.0 goodness. Although I’d expect Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to make an appearance, it’ll be interesting to see if they try any other re-releases to keep the Avengers related content coming.

The release date for the game is “Fall” which I’m going to guess means on the September side of things. As that would put it in line with what 2.0’s release date was, 2.0 itself having been announced right around this time last year. Furthermore since the Force Awakens set is due out in “Winter” you’d assume that means right after the movie hits in December. I figure it’s unlikely the game would come out in November just weeks earlier, thus why my money is on September instead. This is all just speculation on my part though.



“But…Why The Clone Wars? It’s a kids show!” Well….

Already I’m hearing some people are pretty upset that the base set isn’t Luke, Leia and Han. I hear you, but I want to say a few things first. Disney Infinity is a game for kids and the average kid thinks higher of Anakin, Ashoka and Rex the clone trooper than they do of Luke, Han and Leia. No, I’m not speaking for every kid obviously so I’m sure there are exceptions and yes I know that might be surprising to some people, but hear me out.

I used to hang out in a comic book shop when a friend of mine owned it. They had a huge Star Wars section in the shop and kids would often pop in to buy figures. Being the awesome owner she was, my friend would strike up conversation with the kids to make them feel welcome. One thing I found, which blew me away at the time, is that kids love the prequels. One kid’s favourite Star Wars movie was Attack of the Clones because he thought the clones were rad as heck. Disney Infinity isn’t a game for us, primarily it’s a game for those kids.

Plus The Clone Wars is awesome anyway, seriously.

But my point is before you get angry about getting shafted by having to pick up a separate set to take on the Empire, remember that this is foremost a kids game. Yes it’s for us to enjoy too, but the target audience is the generation that grew up watching battle droids get blown to bits on TV (as a bonus that does mean the chances of getting a Star Wars Rebels set seem pretty good!). This matches what we saw with Disney Infinity 2.0 where the Spider-Man set was heavily inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and the Avengers set by the Avengers Assemble TV show.


Return of the Toybox

I don’t know about you, but one of the things that excites me the most about Disney Infinity 3.0 is the Toybox mode. If you’ve not played Disney Infinity before this is the mode where you can browse and play impressively designed levels created by other players. You can even design your own if you’re more creative than I am. In Disney Infinity 2.0 this led to memorable moments such as Nick Fury venturing into the Cave of Wonders on horseback, Black Widow exploring a prehistoric jungle and Hulk rescuing Cinderella from a mysterious castle. The idea of running Star Wars characters through similar scenarios has already got me smiling at the possibilities.

Better yet, with 2.0 (and presumably 1.0) characters available in Toybox mode, you could create some bizarrely amusing combinations. How about Groot and Yoda? Darth Vader and Hulk? Star-Lord and Princess Leia? You could create all kinds of team-ups.


Overall I am super jazzed for this game. I missed out on the original Disney Infinity but I’ve had a lot of fun with 2.0 so adding in Star Wars makes this an obvious purchase for me.

Keep an eye on Game Informer for the rest of the month for more info.


Author: Mia Violet

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