DC’s Answer To The Lack Of Female Comic Book Cartoon Characters

A common complaint of mine is the lack of female characters from both Marvel and DC. Or more appropriately, the lack of exposure these characters are getting. For instance Captain Marvel is primed for a solo movie or cartoon but instead everyone plays it safe and re-hashes the same characters. Meanwhile the team series’ like Avengers remain dominated by men. This particularly annoys me when it comes to the cartoon series’ aimed at young fans. Kids are very passionate about their interests and if we want the next generation of comic book readers to be more diverse then we need products that better represent a wider audience, not just white males.


The upcoming Hulk TV Show staring: Hulk! Red Hulk! A-Bomb! Skaar!… Oh and She-Hulk tucked away in the corner.

For young girls, or even teenagers, interested in Marvel and DC there’s not exactly a lot of characters marketed to them in the TV show department. You either have to sit down and watch the male orientated shows (even Young Justice is dominated by men in the main roles) or you go find something else that’s actually marketed to you. In doing so the franchise and comics at large just lost a potential fan. Which is awful, comics are an amazing medium we should all be trying to include as many people as possible. Thankfully rather than continue to ignore this issue DC are adding Amethyst to DC Nation, their animated block of cartoons. At the first announcement I admit I was a tad concerned that Amethyst would be stuck showing a ‘girly’ stereotype with little substance or depth to the show. But then today we got a new short clip which you can see below. This doesn’t look like the kind of character that’s going to spend all her time sitting around. Armed with a sword and shield this interpretation of the character looks just as gung-ho as the comic incarnation.

Another testament to the modern thinking behind the show is how she gets sent to Gemworld in the first place. In the clip above we can see she’s transported via a video game and even the short itself is named ‘Level 1’. So a female comic book character 
wielding a sword and playing video games? DC, I am high-fiving you so much right now. That’s exactly the sort of realistic anti-stereotyping characterisation I love seeing.


I am genuinely incredibly pleased by what we’re seeing so far. It shows the sort of care and attention DC are taking by not just pumping out more of the same old stuff that they’re already showing. A great bonus is that the Amethyst comic book series is only four issues in. If anyone wanted more of the character the monthly series is right there to pick up and jump into, I highly doubt the timing there is a coincidence.

Amethyst2I always say it but I want more female characters in my comic culture and this is definitely a step in that direction. Any young girls watching DC Nation now have a character that’s actually trying to represent them in a lead role and not sticking her standing behind the boys. Kudos DC.

Author: Mia Violet

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