Comics On Kickstarter: WART, A Story of Cosmic Horror

Yes, it’s that time again! There’s a new comic up on Kickstarter that’s worth a look. This time it’s WART, a comic from the two person team of Ammar Al-Chalabi and Chris Welsh.

As always, I’ll let the creators speak as to what WART is all about:


WART is an original horror comic series starring Wart Bellamy, an unfortunate young fellow ripped from his reality and tossed into a mysterious, other-worldly ‘Asylum for the Belligerently Insane’.


It has monsters, cults, ghosts, rats and a shady doctor in charge of the whole thing. Wart’s story takes him through multiple dimensions that threaten both his physical health and his crumbling sanity. Along the way he makes friends, enemies and gets incrementally closer to finding out just what the hell is going on.



WART is available to read online now, but the print release will have bonus content.

WART is available to read online now, but the print release will have bonus content.


As you might have guessed from the art, WART is a series that doesn’t take itself super seriously. With stylised artwork by Al-Chalabi, it’s a really nice looking comic with very high production values for an indie book.

WART exists in three forms right now. There’s the online version and then there are books 1 and 2. Book 1 collects the the first 3 parts of the story, each clocking in at 10 pages each. Book 2 contains the next two parts. On top of that both books contain bonus story material.

So I suppose you’re wondering what the reward levels are like. Well, although this Kickstarter is specifically to fund a physical release of book 2, for just £4 you can grab digital copies of both books. Meanwhile donating £10 nets you both of these books physically and digitally. Further down the list there are plenty of other rewards too, such as a t-shirt and even personal writing advice from the author, Chris Welsh. It’s a nice diverse set of rewards so chances are you’ll find something to suit you, regardless of how much you’re willing to invest.

Curious? You can take a look for yourself right here.


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