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If you want to know what the next hit indie comics are going to be, Kickstarter is a pretty good place to look. Big names and new faces alike have been using Kickstarter lately to get some fantastic comics off the ground, today I’m going to highlight one you might have missed: The Dead.

So what’s it about? Here’s the official synopsis:

When Sam opens his eyes after dying, he expects to see heavenly clouds or hellfire. What he’s faced with instead is “The House” – a surreal and often-dangerous afterlife of interconnected rooms. As Sam travels deeper into this new world, he finds the strange creators of these rooms aren’t the only residents of The House. Here there be monsters, and if he isn’t careful, Sam’s stay will take a horrible turn.


Jen Hickman's art easily matches the quality of mainstream comics.

Jen Hickman’s art easily matches the quality of mainstream comics.


I was lucky enough to check out the first few chapters of The Dead and I can happily give it my recommendation. The artwork, handled entirely by Jen Hickman, is gorgeous. Meanwhile James Maddox’s script is surprisingly clever. You get a real sense that this is a series that’s been meticulously planned and carefully brought to life. The creative team really know what they’re doing.

The best news is The Dead is already funded but there’s still plenty of time left. If you want to get in on the ground floor then here’s your chance. The backer rewards are incredibly flexible too, if you’ve not got much to put down then that’s okay, you can still help out and snag a PDF of the first issue for as little as $5.

The main reason for the campaign is to fund the creation of a full 170 page graphic novel. Although The Dead has a very humble target goal of $4,000, the more money they make, the more options they have to continue the story. If you’re interested in the premise it’s worth investing to not just see the fist volume completed, but to support the team’s efforts to go even further with the franchise.

If you want to pop on over to the campaign then here’s the link, you can find plenty more images and information there. Again, I have to stress that this is a good comic book from two talented people, it’s certainly worth checking out.


Author: Mia Violet

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