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I’ve mentioned it many times before but horror is a great genre for comics. The combination of art and text allows endless creativity when it comes to crafting a creepy tale. With that in mind, I’d like to throw some attention towards a new horror comic that’s popped up on Kickstarter. Here’s a summary from the creator to give you an idea of what it’s all about:


Roadkill du Jour is a revenge fable – the story of a lone biker’s quest to rebuilding his annihilated gang and lift the curse placed on him by the witch, Mama Houdoo – the curse to eat nothing but roadkill for the rest of his days… In this third installment ofRoadkill du Jour, duJour – that’s our cursed biker – leads his patchwork band of misfit riders to Mama’s swamp sanctum, tucked deep in the darkest swamps, where she launches her own Gatorbait Motorcycle Club on a covert counterassault.



Here’s a look at one of the characters in the upcoming series.


Written by Kevin LaPorte, and drawn by Shawn Harbin, the two already have plenty of experience when it comes to comics. LaPorte’s earlier work includes Last Ride for Horsemen, an apocalyptic steampunk tale, while Harbin illustrated The Dungeon Comic from BSX22, another fantasy horror comic.

The Kickstarter campaign is specifically for the third issue, the first two having already been finished. However as part of the rewards you can net yourself these earlier issues as well as the upcoming third release. If all you want is this brand new issue though, then that’s an option too. One of the best parts of the campaign is that all the work is almost complete. The campaign is to pay for the actual printing and distribution of the comic. That means there’s no worry that you’ll be waiting an eternity for the comic to reach your hands. The release is actually just a couple of months away.

If you want more information, you can read all about the series over on their Kickstarter.


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