Comics On Kickstarter: Reboot – A Graphic Poem

Yes, it’s already time to check out another indie comic book Kickstarter. Today is quite an interesting one and rather ambitious too. Reboot aims to tell a post-apocalyptic story in two different languages. Here’s what creator K. Dzr has to say:

Poetically written in free verse and featuring the language of the indigenous peoples of the southwestern United States where the story takes place, REBOOT strives to not only tell a great story in the most beautiful way possible, but also to give a glimpse into the lives of those dealing with mental illness, domestic abuse and suicidal thoughts. With its cast of Navajo and Mexican characters, it also hopes to highlight a culture not commonly seen in media. All 27 pages are translated into the Navajo language so you can enjoy Mustard’s journey in English or his native language of Navajo. The 2 versions are separated by 10 pages of bonus art, and a special 10-page preview of the novel History’s Shadow I: Legends Born and more, giving you more than 88 perfect-bound pages of art, culture and poetry.

Having the comic in English but then also translating the issue into Navajo is a very admirable and unique trait. It feels like a fittingly respectful thing to do, considering all the characters are either Navajo or Mexican. I talked with K. briefly via e-mail and she sounded very sincere in being careful to tell stories that are both diverse and respectful. After a year that had a few problematic comics in terms of fair representation, it’s refreshing to see someone actively trying to improve diversity.

As for the risks and rewards of the campaign, donation levels are pretty flexible. Just $5 snags you a digital copy while you can pop down more money for t-shirts, posters and other goodies. K. freely admits that since this is her first comic a delay is possible. However since she also works as a graphic designer and has already self-published a novel, she’s certainly not lacking for motivation.

Want to give it a look? You can check out the campaign on Kickstarter right here.


Author: Mia Violet

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