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Yes, it’s time to take another look at a cool looking comic coming our way via Kickstarter. This week’s pick is Proactive Insurance: The Pros, a fun sounding debut issue that also deals with some topical issues. As always, here’s what the creators have to say about it:

The Pros approach volatile, unpredictable situations with a mandate to “fix” them, any way they want. But with that freedom comes responsibility. Why not use this morally dubious job to try and do some good?

Their first mission: defuse a potentially lethal standoff between federal agents and a gun worshiping cult. Can they do it without anybody dying? Can they even survive the job themselves?

Read The Pros if you want a comic about big data and privatization, about guns as both symbol for freedom and a weapon for murder, about veterans, gender, drones, technology, and the future. Except a little bit goofy.

To be totally honest, I wasn’t sure what to make of the series at first glance. But after I looked into it a little it clicked, I could see what they were getting at and I think they’re onto something that could be a real winner.

I’m a sucker for comics with some political undercurrent and that looks to be the case here. Writer Steve Stormoen and artist Jelena Đorđević seem to have put together a comic that’s very aware of the state of the world, but still able to have some fun. I mean with characters like an agender hacker, a guy with 7 PhDs and a pet drone named Buzzy, they’ve certainly lined up a refreshing cast to tell the story.

If you’re interested in this issue so far then there are two pieces of good news for you: One, it’s already funded. Two, the rewards are very flexible. This means you don’t have to throw down a lot of money to get access to it if you can’t quite afford it. Considering that all the artwork is finished, with this Kickstarter only going to cover the printing costs, this is a pretty safe and straightforward investment. Better yet, they’re aiming to have the book to you in just a couple of months.

Want to take a look? You can check out the campaign right here.


Author: Mia Violet

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