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I’ve rattled on plenty of times how Kickstarter is a pretty great way to get comics. So this time let’s just skip all my introductory babble and get right to the point: there’s a new set comics on Kickstarter that need your help.

The Not So Super Comics Kickstarter is looking for funds to directly pay for the printing costs for three (count ’em!) different comics. After a successful small print run in the past, they need a hand getting another batch out for the conventions. All three comics are bright, fun comic books that anybody can pick up. There’s no complex continuity here or gritty story to drive away the masses, just more proof that  comics are for everyone. Here’s some words from creator Jacques Nyemb:


All money raised will go towards Not So Super #1, This Bites #1 and  Smörgåsbord Squad #1’s printing costs and to give backers some cool rewards. If this campaign is successful, you’ll be helping us make the inaugural issues. We’re already working on the full one shot graphic novels; it’s a lot of comics to make, and we need a big launch. Our Kickstarter goal is enough to print and get a copy of the first issues in the hands of readers this fall! So if you support creator-owned comics, and want to see our Not So Super Comics become a reality, we have some great rewards for you.


As always, I’m promoting this here because I actually think it’s a good cause. If nothing else, head on over to the Kickstarter and watch the video by Jacques who does a great job of articulating the passion he has for comic books.


Author: Mia Violet

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